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People are pushing

This evening, November 22, at the 2 House of Children's House, the National Assembly of Ho Chi Minh Town's unit unit represented 7 voters meet in Area 2 after the sixth of the 14th National Assembly.

The group included Nguyen Thi Quyet Tam – Chairman of the People's Council, Mr Phan Nguyen Nhu Khue – Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly and Ms. Trinh Ngoc Thuy – Deputy Chief of the HCMC People's Committee. In addition, Deputy Chairman Huynh Cach Mang attended the meeting.

To stop the sound, Thu Thiem has media support - picture 1Quyet Tam was in attendance at the polling meeting

According to registration, hundreds of people are in the area of ​​2 a & n; Attend and record speech talks about compensation and investment issues in the new urban district Thu Thiem.

Ms. Le Thi Nga, Binh An Ward: "I'd like to be asking, the letter has just a lot now no one answered. On 7/4/2016, a representation was made to implement the dam by pressing the police. Who took all of the possession. Some produce chemical spirits at home. My 80-year-old man is living in hospital regularly. Do you want to build a beautiful town to do that? Who gave me my money? My family's rebellion, Huan's base, is not a state assessment certificate to go. Why is such a house full of legal obligation? No one answered me clearly. "

To stop the sound, Thu Thiem has media support - picture 2The inner room is still open, Thu Thiem's ​​people sit outside of them; look through the screen

And Nguyen, Thi Thuy Duong, Binh Trung Dong said: "Ms. Thai Thi Hanh gave land for 23 households of Cat Lai. People complained that the area was saying that Change of land disputes should be changed. Nam Rach Chiec, Thanh My Loi, has been incorporated into a plan to reinstate the Thu Thiem urban area, but in 2003, the land was taken from Nam Ch Rach Chiec, Cat Lai More than 4,000 people have re-established in Thu Thiem doing that Supporting the people of Cat Lai, Nam Rach Chiec ".

According to Duong, it can not cost 87.5 hectares of land assigned to businesses. People do not agree, midnight fence. The house next to the cemetery, my family's land was broken into the cemetery and then paid back to compensation? Why not find a representative group, HCM City Council ". At this time, the chairman Yang said forever, Ms. Yang replied, people have been waiting for more than twenty years, you are just Waiting for a few minutes without patience or star.

Request for Mr Tat Thanh Cang to be moved

"Thu Thiem's ​​urban area project has plans to plan, not to publish its plan, without any decision on compensation for land cutting and resettlement of people … but the authorities that use power of execution., causing people suffering over the past 20 years. What is the responsibility of the producers NA and HCM City Council? Ho Chi Minh Town also flooded over hospital, density, Th Thiem people suffering more than 20 years. Charities of rice cooking , but the town agrees to build no summer halls? Where conveners call, Mr Nguyen Tuan Tu, Binh Khanh Ward said.

In the same way, Huynh Thi Hong Loan, Binh An Ward, said his home is outside his territory. State-owned home, legal documented housing, but district authorities in 2009 acted illegally. The dam did not make the decision. She made objections from the county to the center but the area did not compile records, and pushed the whole family, stay traveling for over 3.5 years. Under the direction of the Secretary, the MPA opposed their accommodation but did not yet co-ordinate the family. If the government failed to resolve the matter, it is proposed that they move to the Ministry of Public Security criminal investigation.

To stop the sound, Thu Thiem has media support - picture 3People register for a & # 39; issue

Mr. Nguyen Thi Tam, a long time to communicate with Binh Khanh, because he can not explain every two hours and I hope the chairman will not be charged. More than 20 years Airfield officers, people going on the street market. Our house is not outside the line, according to the party secretary, helpful, family to build a house. Tet is coming, people can not wait, if we do not answer, we will go home. Your parents and grandparents, so we, are able to get places to worship for parents and your grandfather and grandfather.

To stop the sound, Thu Thiem's ​​supporters - picture 4People called Mr Tat Thanh Cang to handle

"She expected the Secretary, the Chairman of the City Council of HCM City, but Congress continues to be silent, it does not say. Sister Tam has two trials here, she will not see Transport to tell you an hour children. You know how hard the house was hit, how many sewing machines, mosquito net outside a garden, which know what a & President and see it. The implementation projects must go to the People's Council, so you know that there is a sale of land in Phouoc Kien, four sea routes with Mr Tat Thanh's case Cang. I suggest answering why these questions are unknown to the Ho Chi Minh City Council, DoN's representatives? Why did Mr Xiang Cang suffer a number of thousands, why did Only control? A child who stole two advantages of bread in prison nine months, which makes such concerns not Is it just a small town? Mrs. Tam cry.

To stop the sound, Thu Thiem has a media support - picture 5

Right repairs in Thu Thiem: It is also hard to do

On 21st November, the District 9 electors met, Chairman of the People of the City HCM City People Nguyen Thi Quyet Tam said: The Sustainable Party Party Committee is a " lead the implementation of Government Investigators for the Th Thiem urban area project. (Area 2), a technological zone (Area 9) is the principal for correction, it must also be difficult to correct to ensure the legitimate interests of the people.

To stop the sound, Thu Thiem has a mean support - picture 6

Who stole a dream of Thiem Thiem people?

"Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet's decision should give people a dream to stay in the Thu Thiem landscape to return even late," said Nguyen Bao Mac , military adviser. the chairman of the People's People City City Nguyen Thanh Phong meeting at a meeting of 50 homes in three wards of Khanh, Thu Thiem and Loi Dong belonging to the new Thu Thiem town area on 14/11.

To stop the sound, Thu Thiem has supporters - picture 7

The People of the Post Office are a expect a broad survey of the Thu Thiem project

"We know about the Government Investigators, we believe that the courage when their first lawyer and the excused town were. The people who are expecting the complete survey of a project You Thiem, "Tran Thi My (Age 77, living in Area 2, HCMC).

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