To study Master and PhD students.


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To study master and doctoral student surveys. From the Schoolmaster site, Sunday 18 November 2018.

To study Master and PhD students.
Banque Misr will sign a cooperative protocol with its Arab branch

To Ahram Daily Published in Al-Ahram every day on 18-11 – 2018

Supported by Mohamed Al-Atribi, Chairman Banque Misr, Banque Misr for Islamic Learning (Kanana), signed a cooperative protocol by the Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences. The protocol was signed by Ashraf Bar, the Head of Islamic Banking Department at Banque Misr, To give money to the students of the Academy in postgraduate education (Master and Professional Doctor in Business Administration) through Murabaha education education, which is provided by the Swiss Bank branches for Islamic affairs (Kenana), and went to record a large number of Nick and Academy leaders.
It is worth mentioning the Egyptian bank through a cooperative protocol; graduate students of the Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences and are listed in the Masters and PhD programs in Business Administration to fund its audit costs through Murabaha's educational output on soft terms and a specific rate of return as long as They are rescued from the administration fees for South-East funding. It is worth saying that the Banque Misr Islamic Bank Branch (Kenana) is offering an innovative package of Islamic bank sales products that are available to us. Compliance with Islamic Shari and under the direction of Shariah Board. The materials include Murabaha, Murabaha, Hajj and Umrah to help Hajj and Umrah with arrangements, Durables for the purchase of display packs, Murabaha walks, the educational product of Murabaha. The complex Murabaha materials are delivered to & # 39; Top 100% compensation equivalent with a retirement recruitment level with the potential to benefit your family of these products, as well as delivering bank savings account and Bank Misr certificates for Islamic items (monthly , How to set out all types of credit card and debt cards.

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