To the brothers of Algeria: Don't report what happened to your neighbors – Emad Eddin Hussein


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Tuesday March 12 2019 – 8:30 pm
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Tuesday March 12 2019 – 8:30 pm

I hope everybody in Algeria, especially those who have participated in the efforts to persuade president Abdelaziz Bouteflika, will try and think of the time or tenth term, a trillion t before they delay a hole without a decision.
The exhibitors had an important impact by wanting Bouteflika to withdraw his campaign for the presidential elections on 18 April, but some leaders of the move can see what has been achieved to a degree and their needs need to be successful. achievement. If I could advise the exhibitors and the leaders and Algeria all, from a Arab perspective only and forever, they should wait a long time before they go to a place where there is no going back. The primary advice is to study Arab Spring languages, which have remained in many Arab countries at the end of 2010 and early 2011, some of the neighboring countries of Algeria, such as Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria and Syria. Yemen.
The critical lesson is that there is a fundamental difference between the very good requests and the bitter situation in the world.
No-one struggled with the value of the winners each night. There was no stroke in 2013. The man did not commit 82 years in 2013. He said he was "ill, unable to continue. And here we ask and why are you name, or is it about the person who submitted their application as cover for them without consulting?
All Arab people and their political forces are thought to have risen the danger of plundering to achieve the highest standards faced by the truth of the earth.
It is good that the exhibitors want a holistic democracy, a circulation of power and a wide freedom, but on the condition that the picture gets them clear. Most importantly, organized political forces that can help Algeria are driven to safety.
The entrepreneurs that went on the street are not one, two or even three organized armies. Most of them were not young. "Half of the under-30s didn't want to have a huge crowd, and many Arab citizens took part in it, and even in the world.
However, the main argument was that the traditional political forces were absent or weak, or that they understood in the exhibitions, when they realized that the opportunity was to pull Bouteflika away. The same situation was repeated in Egypt on 25 January 2011. There were young people aspiring to a modern democratic democratic state, but there were no organized and influential political forces, and so there were no powerful and influential political forces. religious forces in different forms can steal this great rebellion and make it a model that was against all Egyptians in which they had a dream.
The ambition of other exhibition leaders and states has been to examine, without compromising and radicalising, radicalization, which could dispose of people. and "black decade" accidents which affected Algeria after the abolition of the election line at the end of 1991, To violence and terrorism, which has forced the Algeria hundreds of thousands of dead, wounded and scattered people, t not to discuss negative social and economic impacts.
Algeria's political forces were weak. There is a power party, the Liberation Front, which is like all the power parties in the Arab world, with very few differences. And other parties have been beaten and blown and crawled, and this is the result of a political vision shifted by the media media or organizations awaiting the opportunity to attack Algeria. what has happened in the "ten black years." There is also an economic situation, although no full use is made of oil and gas, and unemployment is 29%.
We have recently learned from history and have recently lacked full impact on these occasions and work has been completed. But it needs a gradual shift to impose the current situation, confusion, violence and terrorism in the country.
The Commission will need to recognize that there is a historic time, and there is a time for a new beginning, based on new laws. Opponents of the street need to realize that there are traditional armies and strong institutions that can not be said "going to hell."
Algeria needs these days as rationality and trust as he would, if he had done, been a good example of a Hadi fairy movement, having been to lose his sadness and sadness in the 1990s. in many Arab countries. Again on our hearts with Algeria to come out of this dark time.

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