To the death of the director, Bernardo Bertolucci


Whow is it Did he write a history with work, a style-shaped, set up a school? Do we remember it for his exile? How far are these issues rising when an artist dies – in the world scale, his time, the best of the best years or the latest news?

Verena Lueken

Bernardo Bertolucci has a style of visual vision that he can not always be able to; carried with kitsch, a style that included colorful, red, blue, green night, and that it was flexible as if the director wanted his story and To give people a place, change, move on, or become deeper and deeper in an event, that he, the filmmaker, has a greater interest in doing so; describes psychoanalytic, usually driving, sexuality, banned At the time, the incest between generations or other brothers was restored. He made history all over the world – & # 39; The Last Emperor & # 39; the first film by a western filmmaker who was made with the permission, money and blessing of the Chinese government in 1987 and won nine Oscars – and also killed in Europe, Hollywood, which was not common at the time. In this regard, the extent of the work of Bernardo Bertolucci is huge. Usually, but within this large frame, it is very similar: for very young women with little and men in fascist chorset, and dreams – even a new political, cinema insensitive, tied to the frank French Nouvelle.

Main example of male art

The film, known as Bernardo Bertolucci, was famous, dating back to 1972. It was early in his career, and did not hurt her, although "The last Tango in Paris" was designated by the protection of young people of each country's film as a collector and director in Italy, where all copies of the movie were destroyed by a court order, and spent their civil liberties over time. After the times were more tolerant, the film received the word "especially for the seventh year cinema", by the end, going into the next millennium, it became worse Famous as a major example of human art, with Maria Schneider, his main actor, with astonishment, inspiration and desire Destroyed in an emergency.

The "Last Tango in Paris" is not a special film, which was even known then, when women's honors were not so great, especially when she was only nineteen, as Maria Schneider at filming time. For example, the "New York Times" has already taken the movie "the perfect art of falcon" at its first sight.


Does this film create a story that contaminates Bertolucci's work as well as having a & # 39; compel the life of Maria Schneider? At any stage, their ideas are still unchanged. And so Bertolucci's favorite films seem to be the ones that the women did not play too big and so they were safe.

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