To top and back: Apple put $ 300 billion from its main yard


After the big technology, Apple joined the news news bulletin in August, The first company of the US (and the other in the world), had a trading value of 1 trillion. the media is now struggling to report the negative motions of its value and the continuing decline.

The Cupertino company hit the trillion beat on August 2, 2018, and two months later, on October 3, earned $ 1.1 trillion. dollar. Then, however, their shares started to gradually become cheaper. So Apple entered the month of November with a market chart of 1,055 trillion. dollar, and so far its value has dropped to 817.5 billion dollars.

On the record 1.1 trillion. dollar so far the company has been in & # 39; eliminating almost a total of $ 300 billion.

But why?

On this logical line, the next opinion will come to bad results. In recent years, Apple has decided to move to the slow pace of its mobile market with prices rising for the items. This has helped to maintain its high budget, but it's a? question how long this formula will give advanced results. "I think it's really bad investors' responsibility as far as possible," said Angelo Zino, the CFRA analysis. The cheapest phone has been sold for around $ 750, for example.

With the expectation that their mobile phone market will continue to decline, analysis says that the current business as well as Apple is a new business development. In the case of a cupertino giant, it's about services such as ApplePay, AppleMusic and AppStore, and hopefully this will be the next growth engine, the BBC says. The aim of the company is to attract revenue of around $ 50 billion in 2020. The giant's aims are also going on to a health and film business, where plans are even clearer. All of this means that investors up to date have not been confident about their ability to. company to make this sharp aim.

"If we know that the sale of iPhone models is equal or lower and that nothing else is needed to do this, there are, indeed, reasons to worry," said Caroline Milanesey, a Creative Strategies, a market research group named the British edition.

However, she says that it is still too early to make decisions. Milansei explains that it will be more worrying if the service business is still on. The climbs expected to be carried out by the researchers after a year.

Finally, but not only is the geo-regulatory problem between the US and China. The disaster between the two countries suffers from the entire technology department, and including Apple as a big man. The company's position is affected by change of money and promotion rates. In addition, it should be noted that he has his own site in China at the iPhone maker.

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