Toby Fox, Undertale creator, creates a promotional video for a showcase event –


It is not strange to find times where companies and developers make specific co-operatives with other special companies with exciting reasons. Today, this promotion came Toby Fox, the special creator Enter, at this time, has created a video of his famous game with the purpose of promoting the purpose of a special event.

This event is not more or less than this Kingdom Wrestle 13, search exhibition in Japan. In particular, this video attempts to showcase the fight between two of the most famous campaigners, Kenny Omega and Hiroshi Tanagashi. What's larger, it's Kenny Omega's own to install Toby Fox to make this advertising site. Despite this, unfortunately, this film will not be shown in the event in a question, and that's why the moss is on her; upload video to YouTube channel.

We'll leave you with your video in a question:

What do you think? Would you like to see more collaboration like this one?

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