Today, 244 billion VND customers have gone out of court by Eximbank


After a 245 billion VND infection in Eximbank deposits, Chu Thi Binh completed bankruptcy and Chu 100% of the original savings in advance of the final judging of the court. Project.

On the morning of November 22, the Ho Chi Minh Minh Court opened a first test of the situation on the # 39; case. Problems caused damage to state assets, groups, organizations and initiatives, with a loss of 245 billion users. which was deposited in the Ho Chi Minh City Branch at the Victoria Commercial Interbank Bank (Eximbank) Stock Bank.

Volunteers included: Ho Ngoc Thuy, who served as a personal user service; Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tram's personal users' service was; Tran Nguyen Xuan Lan, who was the businessman of the Personal Services Department; Nguyen Thi Thi, who was the Director of a Personal Bank; Cao Lan Phuong, who was Deputy Head of the Personal Services Department; Luong Quoc Anh, funding officer.

Eximbank is the civil advocate in this case. People with related rights and responsibilities include Chu Thi Binh, Phung Thi Pham, Le Thi Minh Qui, Nguyen Thi Hong Le.

Chu. Chu Thi Binh at court in the morning – Photo: Huyen Tram.

Previously, Eximbank gave a press release, telling the legitimate interests of customers as their highest priority, The bank always has the responsibility.

According to Eximbank, the court hearing will be to lose a VND245 billion savings resource and; reflect the truth of the object of the case and protect the rights and legitimate interests of the parties involved. Eximbank and the purchaser will continue to be executed, which will be legally enforced by the & # 39; court.

Le Le Nguyen Hung, a former director of the Exquilank branch of HCM City, established the accountant's signature to establish a debt account for the period from January 2012 to March 2017. Nguyen Thi Hong Le (bean Hung) has a legal authority for Ms. Chu Thi Binh to authorize Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Le and Nguyen Dang Phong to withdraw money from the Exquank Branch HCMC are related to the accounts that savings from 3 customers are included in this bank as Chu Thi Binh, Phung Thi Pham and Le Thi Minh Qui.

At the same time, Hung also relied on Ho Ngoc Thuy, Nguyen Thi Thi, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tram, Tran Nguyen Xuan Lan, Cao Lan Phuong and Luong Quoc Anh, the authority's responsibility, Prepare back questionnaires and cash payment, but they have not correctly completed the tasks and actions they have set out, not in accordance with Eximbank's rules on how to activate, & # 39 ; Make doubles to pull out and for money-makers. conditions for Le Nguyen Hung to expense the assets of the HMSM Eximbank Branch.

With these games, Le Nguyen Hung took over Eximbank HCMC over a total of over 264 billion in terms of 13 savings, including 11 books of Chu Thi Binh's savings, a book of Phung Thi Mrs Book and book of savings By Thi Minh Qui.

For bankers including Ho Ngoc Thuy, Nguyen Thi Thi, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tram, Tran Nguyen Xuan Lan, Cao Lan Phuong and Luong Quoc Anh stated that they were accused by Le Nguyen Hung without worrying be. According to the above regulations, Le Nguyen Hung is able to take advantage of recovering a savings bank in the Eximbank system.

In particular, Ho Ngoc Thuy disregarded Le Nguyen Hung to put more than 239 billion in place; Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tram is over 15 billion; Nguyen Thi Thi is over 8.9 billion; Tran Nguyen Xuan Lan over 8.9 billion; Cao Lan Phuong is over 5.3 billion and Luong Quoc Anh is over 3 billion.

The object by Nguyen Hung usurp in the Eximbank Ho Chi Minh City branch over 264 billion, where the Hung has distributed a dispersed assets of over 200 billion; couple Nguyen Hung and Nguyen Thuy Thuy use a Visa to Pay card on e-commerce websites FOREX.COM (UK) and GAINCAPITAL (UK).

Le Nguyen Hung's behavior has been an offense of disqualification of property. However, due to Hung's motivation, the hunting restaurant agreed.

On 28/6/2018, the Public Security Ministry Police Research Group decided to Discrimination of Criminal Case No. 01 / C44B-P5 and Determination of Temporary Restriction on Criminal Case Inspection No. 02 / C44B-P5. due to fraudulent possession cases; A provisional restriction on investigation discharged 02 / C44B-P5 for Le Nguyen Hung will be decided, when it is taken to be treated later.

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