Today, Guoguang will come into the Amazon supply chain. Next year, it will make a profit.芋 Media TaroNews


The Flexible lens factory has now been successful in winning the National Mars Mars Project (MARS), and the prestigious domestic materials have been ordered by Amazon. It starts to & # 39; going next year. Looking forward to next year, it is expected that Chen Qingqi Chairman will be better this year, and his & her; trying to make profits. Reborn in 2 years.

Today, Guoguang held a lawsuit today. Chen Qingqi said the "Mars Project MARS" has won 5 of the 7 companies and has been a supplier. How new and new customers start to start; Going into major production next year, they hope to work hard next year. Go to the profit course.

Increasing the spread of phones has reduced the size of their monthly monocular camera market annually. Chen Qingqi said the sales number of a monocular lens camera this year is not as good as expected. It is a & # 39; It is estimated that future growth will be limited, the sales number of game consoles and mobile phone lenses are not appropriate, and the new and old models of display lenses are not connected. It was not possible to support campus sport, and as a result of a loss of loss in the # 39; first three quarters.

Guoguang said today that the 21st century is a zoo economy. Technology is a provides a more comfortable and easier way for people through the lens, including devolution driving, home security monitoring, mobile camera activities, AR / VR and informal sources.

In order to actively seek new opportunities, Jinguang hopes to lock in the development of Internet Objects and applications on the Internet. carriage through 15 years of experience in making glass tools and 12 years of plastic plant industry. After years of serious work, he has entered the Amazon supply chain and is expected to be the next year. In the first half of the year, it went into a major representation and movement, and # 39; putting new emphasis on jobs next year. In addition, he has also received orders for cleared door locks from American smartman's smart houses and security control messages, and has slowly expanded references.

In the first three quarters of this year, the income of 58.4% monocular camera lenses, the amount of IoT IoT products increased from 9.4% in 2017 to 12.3%, had car lenses to & # 39; including 8.5%, and game consol results are around 3.3%. Mobile phone products are around 2.1%, business products are growing from 2.3% to 2.7%, showcase results are & # 39; representing 4.6%, and others included 8.1%. In the future, we will continue to strive to increase the revenue of non-mobile camera income, with a target of 60%.

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