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On this date in 2010 – the worst place is in; open ever! I went into this image and a video by post on Google+ and I became interested when I saw the product from the person who is in a position. running the world of the world the best Opt-air airspace website, Les Cowley from the Atmospheric Optics website. The story began with the 2010 exhibition of the NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), one of a number of stores that overlooks our skin. It is likely that a SDO out of Cape Canaveral built on 11 February 2010, on his mission to look at his / her. sun, first destroyed in Earth's atmosphere – in the & # 39; s process; download a new type of ice – and teach those who love and explore new air astronauts about how shock waves interact with cloud.

The above video shows the SDO 2010 slip through the Atlas V rocket. look at now, and the number will turn people to hear when the space passage through the atmosphere of the sundog – which is a clear spot in the sky, is created by the sunlight revival through a plated ice crystals, Air crash drops off from trees. If you need, try to watch it twice to see the funny white light column that appears next to Atlas V.

Les Cowley explained in this 2011 post at Science @ NASA:

When the rocket was rolled into the cirrus, the wavelengths were scratched through the cloud and destroyed the algorithms of ice crystals. He added this from the sundog.

The destruction of sundog was understood. There were no events that followed. Cowley said:

A humorous column of white light appeared by the Atlas V side and followed the rocket to the air. We had not seen anything like this.

Cowley and co-worker Robert Greenler could not first column to explain light. Then they realized that the crystalline ice crystals were organized by the voltage from Atlas V. Cowley suggested:

Crystals are reduced between 8 and 12 degrees. Then they will travel so that the main crystal axis will be; mentions shingle motion. Front ends and groscopes are made. The land takes place every 26,000 years. The motion is prescriptive and precise.

Love it!

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Often increasing its & # 39; Flow is surrounded by sharp circular lines in the clouds.

Look more. | When the Solar Dynamic Observatory (a clear streak in a fourth lower photograph on the right) was built from Cape Canaveral on 11 February 2010, he launched optics experts to get a new form of ice halo. Image through NASA / Goddard / Anne Koslosky.

Below: When the NASA Solar Dynamics Center from Cape Canaveral on 11 February 2010 builds on its mission to monitor the sun, it destroyed a sundog in the Earth's atmosphere first – in a & # 39; process which gives new light of text; to teach those who are Bring love and learn new things about how shock waves interact with cloud.

Through Science @ NASA and Les Cowley's Atmospheric Optics

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