Today the UniCABA will agree: 5 keys to understand the project


After a year of debate, bids and changes, today the UniCABA format will be created. With a large number of promotional motors provided by his 34 legislators, the governing party will turn to law; a university teaching project in Buenos Aires City.

It is hoped that the agreement, and its arrival within a warm climate. From yesterday, the statutory legislation of Buenosairean has been reinforced. If that is nearby, staff waiting from October and through the vote there will be a complaint that brings together third-level students, secondary, teachers and unions, He asked for a fight for Thursday.

Last Friday's introduction to today's session. Between strife, shoots and attacks, the legislators Vamos Juntos signed their name to talk about her & her; project on the site. In order to reject a good part of the education community it is added to the foreground, who will be looking for a session tomorrow before handling UniCABA, to consider other educational projects, but it does not. get a quorum.

Soledad Acuña, the Minister of Education of Buenos Aires, thinks that the lack is not denied. "I do not like to be generic, what is the voice of the people who are calling out loudly and expressing them violently up to now, I am not sure that a & # 39; education community opposed this. In private, many students and teachers want their project, but they do not; Feeling in a place to express their situation. The idea of ​​ideas is almost authoritative, "he said Group:.

The first project, which was launched on November 22, 2017, was restored. In September this year, the Buenosairean government built a new version of what they called "Law on the education creation of the education system and the creation of Buenos Aires Independent Citizenship".

The first project was to # 39; suggests that the two public sectors of the town would be automatically transmitted and moved to the university. The second draft of that point changed, the most controversial way: Now it reflects on its & # 39; the complexity between the third installments and the new UniCABA.

However, it is maintained by & # 39; a good part of the education community refused. "The second project means a slower death is based on living, the sub-funds and state control systems that appear as the inspector, "a legacy statement signed by the CEFS, which provides a group for teachers the teachers.

By law agreement, Buenos Aires's Education Ministry will be appointed as a regulator of the teacher training grant. It will be responsible for instigating institutional assessment of all faculties and at least; Encouraging self-evaluation. Based on this, the officers will review and improve the provision of posts according to the needs inspected in the classroom, "to ensure student continuity in course ", according to their project.

Maximiliano Ferraro, rector for Vamos Juntos and president of education commissioning, said: "It is not the purpose of closing the institutions. The result of the assessment will be a & # 39; will be achieved and a development plan between Ministry and teaching will be proposed.. The funny thing, when we talk about an assessment, will start from the opinion that it will be bad. And if he gives them good? "

Although teachers do not doubt this assessment, they will need to provide information. On the other hand, they are warned that they will & # 39; tax victims. They will also be asked to speak to the university with co-operative visits, student exchange and research promotion.

2) Confirmation of teachers better?

There is little talk, but this is the main point of the case. As long as it is clear, that is related to university education with better teachers, and & # 39; Most academics are questioned. During the debate, it has been said that there is insufficient investigation to argue that the university's system is in place; promising teachers better compared to third level.

In this regard, Acuña said: "There are not many aspects of teacher assessment, but if you decide what happens in the classrooms there is real truth. All countries in the first 10 places of PISA assessments have university education. In Argentina, La Pampa is one of the best performing divisions, who have a & # 39; Most university student teachers. I do not say they are better, but we have a new foundation design that allows us to have separate teacher accounts. "

From the beginning, The idea of ​​Buenosairean activity is the only "to" manage "the educational creation. "Teacher training for the new image of students in the education system," they said. After these goals, they make sure that the promise is to be done; going through an "innovative" model, with project-based interdisciplinary work, including collections, the use of technologies and training in sci-tech skills.

3) Drawing young people

The city of Buenos Aires is dependent. Despite what happens in the rest of the country, where it is even full-drawn, In the Borough there are no teachers. The numbers change, but the figure is between 400 and 500 vacancies, according to official sources. The need for the government of Buenos Aires government was launched this year for indoor and foreign educators; measure to date unpublished.

The wide range of free university offers makes the young people of Buenos Aires a & # 39; Choosing other options, they believe. Part of the project is based on its idea of ​​creating a renewable proposal that will attracting children who are completing a secondary school to see, in the ambition, with better eyes of the university of teaching.

It is the next budget that is going on the budgetary project. The UniCABA is mentioned in the 2019 budget, but it does not specify what & # 39; match that matches. "If there was only one point of the first proposal that was strong, they said where they got the money. Indeed we do not agree but before we left the institutions -not we do not know. As well as criticizing criticism, it is an inconvenient project ", Told Leandro Halperín, rector for Evolution, told these media.

In Buenos Aires's activity they confirm that "the university does not have a budget for 2019 because it would only start working in 2020". For the time established by Higher Education Law, they consider that they need a year to allow the Administration of the University's Policies and CONEAU, as well as to manage their & foundation project. Also, when it comes into operation, they ensure that they "do not fund the institutions".

5) Not only tutor training

It brought it to the project, as well as the training of staff, including other university occupations. Along with the Ministry of Economy and Finance, They will work to find vacancies vacancies for posts that are linked to the beneficial needs of the Force Capital.

Whenever the vote is taken, the local project will be planned. Under his fee an organizing director – "a woman in the best case of cases" – who will be appointed by the governmentNo Together, they explain the academic offer, the working status and staff. The probationary process takes place annually, but in the middle the evaluations for the teachers will be realized.

Then, as one university, there will be academic and institutional devolution and economic, financial and administrative autonomy of the home.

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