Today we celebrate the Earth's Day of Patients and Epilepsy, and the International Women's Day in Science


Today, on February 11th, we will celebrate the 27th World Day of Patients, and today is the International Women's and Girls' Day in Science and Intervention Day international.

The World Patient Day is officially celebrated in Kolkata in India, and Sweden will usually be a major event in Brezje. Also, in some hospitals, extra activities will be done this day, as they want patients to show that they are at the heart of healthcare.

International Women's and Girls' Day in Science

Today, we celebrate the International Women's and Girls' Day in Science, and at the Ministry of Science, Science and Sport, Emphasis has been working in Slovakia to create an interesting and ethical research environment that takes account of gender equality in science, but this is the region's progress too slow. The number of female graduates on third-level education in Sweden was above those who graduated in 2017, while women were 54%. The number of doctoral students is almost the same as the number of dentistry students. Doctorate students, only 17% of them are in academic roles. In Slovakia, they will strive for fair equality of the Slovakia Republic Committee for awards and recognition for special achievement in scientific and research and development activities and for the fair prize of these awards. As positive, last year, the proportion of women's rewards compared to ever-ever male co-workers.

International Epilepsy Day

On this day, we also celebrate the International Day of epilepsy illness, and so today there are a number of events that occur; Together we want to educate students and staff in the secondary schools about the stigma associated with epilepsy. One of the most common diseases is epilepsy, with about 1% of people in the world suffering from this disease. In Slovenia, about 20,000 people have epilepsy, but the correct information is not clear. It occurs in youth and youth and in adult adult age. Epilepsy is treated with medicines, and the ability of a surgical operation is a restricted section of the brain where attacks occur. These jobs are not carried out in Slovenia, so patients will be sent to Germany, France, Prague, Milan …

Epileptics have a number of problems in their daily lives, and others are more likely to be uncomfortable, especially due to the ignorance of this disease. Visits with children with epilepsy illness should not be accompanied by adults, difficulties in finding work or partner. They want to have epilepsy of time and quality in Slovenia, as well as medicine. That is, it happens that patients have a " Waiting too long, some medications do not work, although this is one of the most common patient diseases, there are not many neurologists in epilepsy.

The Slovenia Anti-Epilepsy League is also working in Slovenia and is a professional humanity group that includes medical specialists in the field of epilepsy (GPs, psychologists, social workers and others ) and people with epilepsy, their relatives and friends. In its framework there is an EPI advisory telephone, every Thursday from 16:00 to 19:00 to the number (01) 432 93 93 and wants to help and inform the related psychological and social problems epilepsy and information about the Anti-Epilepsy League of Slovenia Society Post-

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