Today's flatter (21/11) prices have dropped almost 7% of the last session


Gasoline prices have been "quiet" after a fall of last year's fall of almost 7% because the market expects OPEC to reduce or not; reduce raw oil work.

First place out of 2111 after the last 7 days Continue gasoline prices today (November 20) which will slowly return Russia to expect them to confirm the product

World petrol price

At 7 PM (Vietnam time), WTI's oil price was USD 53.5 / barrel. Brent oil prices did not change $ 62.5 in the barrel.

On Tuesday, the oil prices continued to print their second "cheap" in the & # 39; month, falling almost 7% because the market was expects to minimize or reduce OPEC. raw oil work.

First place out of 2111 after the last 7 days
Today's flatter (21/11) prices have dropped almost 7% of the last session

On New York Mercantile Trade, WTI oil prices fell by 6.6 per cent to $ 53.43 barrels, the lowest from October 2017. On the Intercontinental London Exchange, Brent's crude was down 6.4 per cent to $ 62.52 barrel.

Compared to the 4-year crops that were set up in early October, WTI and Brent oil prices fell by 31% and 28%, respectively.

Data shows that raw US-US production has risen by 25 per cent this year to 11.7 million registered barrels. Over the last two weeks, raw lists rose to 50 million barrels.

On the side of Opec, some experts cause fear of their group to be & # 39; reducing or minimizing oil production.

The reason why Russia does not agree to cut a cut because the country is satisfied with its price; at present. Therefore, OPEC will add a unitary reduction of 1.4 million barrels per day. At the same time, a country does not want to lose its market share.

US gasoline income fell at 7:05 pm on November 21, more than $ 1.49 dollars.

The price of 95 gasoline Singapore was delivered in December at 16h12 on November 19 (local time) decreased by 5.5% to USD 66.1 / barrel. Gasoline contract dropped December 5.6 per cent to $ 64.3 barrel.

Vietnam petrol price

On the afternoon of November 6, the Ministry of Industry and Trade – the E5RON92 and RON95-III gasoline price financing arrangement reduced to more than 1,000 per liter. In particular:

E5RON92 gasoline: VND1082 / liot less than 19,600 VND / liter.

Gasoline RON95-III: VND1,138 / liot is lower than the VND21,065 / liter number.

Diesel 0.05S: down 67 VND / liot not exceeding 18,544 VND / liter.

Kerosene: keep a stable level of price not exceeding 17,086 VND / liot.

Ole Mazur 180CST 3.5S stable not exceeding 15,694 VND / kg.

This price is from 15:00 p.m. on 6/11.

Petrolimex prices start from afternoon 6 November as follows:

Products Range 1 Range 2
RON 95-IV gasoline


RON 95-III petrol 21.060 21.480
E5 RON 92-II


TO 0.001S-V 18.640 19.010


Up to 0.005S-II 17,080 17,420

This price will be effective from 15:00 on 6 November to get more information.


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