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As reported by the Department of Communications and Proof of the Department of Education, the objective of Testing 5 is a; The first assessment of pupils' first-stage knowledge and skills of primary. Schools give feedback as pupils prepare for their transition from first to second and they also have a & # 39; monitor the state of pupils' knowledge and skills when they leave primary education on a national scale.

The tasks in the exam focus on logical thinking, text understanding, and & # 39; demonstrate depth of knowledge and skills, use knowledge in practical contexts. The mathematics test includes mathematical and real contextual activities, such as financial literacy activities, with graphs and charts included in some activities. Exams are also tailored to the needs of pupils with health disabilities.

From 5 to 7 November, schools with appropriate computer equipment and the internet connection of computers may be included in electronic training for exams. This option was used with 336 primary schools and more than 8,000 parents who performed exams in mathematics, language and literature of the Slovak language and literature and literature. The results will be published electronically in December and will be given to pupils in a paper format in January 2019. Test 5 is organized by the National Institute of Certified Educational Dimensions.

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