Today's newspaper "green" paper reflects in the World Cup in the & # 39; Poland


After more than 26 years, the greener returned to his relationship with the Asian podiums and the return of Saudi status to her; Asian mainland. It includes everyone who is not Green sometimes sick but not at all; die. The team returned to an Asian podium after breaking Australia's grief. Mars Saudi is marching to the Asian title, Saudi Green's Day has been stronger in an Asian continent and is not easy to capture at the next Polish World Forum.

(Al Maidan), assistant of the captain of the young green captain, Captain Captain Al Malki, spoke about this new accomplishment, and how the confusion (sorcery) caused this body to stand on Asian pyramid, as well as the athletic ambition of the World Cup and many in the world; this interesting meeting.

Talk – Majid al-Maliki

We congratulate you about the realization of continental to & # 39; Asian Cup coronation for the third time. How do you read about this great performance?

God bless you, certainly undoubtedly; fulfilling the joy of the whole country, and this coronation is coming for the third time and after a long absence for more than 26 years, certainly an uncertain feeling, we are all happy because the beautiful and blessed end and thankful for achieving the title.

Do we recognize the secret variety – so talk – have you been working with this group and have the chance to upload the podium?

First of all, it is the Lord of Earth's arrangement, but I do not hide it when we started to prepare this team, It was the first aim of it; We have been able to find the most effective player despite the name of his club, so we have been able to find a perfect and wonderful mix and thank God, and then we can find it. creating and listing camping and gatherings God is a whole praise.

You know the green youngsters have lost an Asian Youth Cup for over 26 years. In your opinion, why is this far?

The quality of the exercises, as well as the players' interest in the Sunni groups, was not as ambitious as they were, and so the product was much needed, as I have seen. Unlike other Asian federations who worked and developed to achieve their performance Over time, the club's club players were undoubtedly, but did not give up player was good and they were appear on the team.

When did you feel like a helpful coach that the Asian title was in the hands of the Saudis?

Let me say something important to you before the competition, we checked the numbers of 2014 and 2016 bursaries and worked with them in the group and we got through this study without we can reach its & # 39; final, and what happened to us, but by describing your question to Australia, and our influence has been a great deal for us, and then we realized the Then the green that is a hero to the Asian nations, and this is what has been achieved, is grateful.

How did you get rid of the weight and obstacles to the Greeks' youths to get the continental continent title?

The weight is passing by anyone and not just the player, but with his / her; This group has achieved these negative responsibilities, and we have benefited from the friendly meetings to try out strong European teams to take part in a strong dispute concern, and also work on technical speeches And & # 39; focus on mental condition; player as it is a very important factor in computing within the pitch, and thank God to enter each player for his / her; This competition in a spirit of high spirit.

How can we keep these names and stars and talents, to be our first team team in the future?

I do not say we are Supported by the Sports Authority headquarters, Mr Turki Al-Sheikh, as well as the Saudi Football Federation, and we are promises that this generation will be one of the first locations of the first Saudi team in the future and make sure that there is a clear program of preparation for this team Talk to us a Chancellor, to look honorably in the future forums.

You will be a supporter coach for those who fulfill this achievement that has been fulfilled after her long absence and whoever has faith after God can help you for the title to achieve that?

For example, you have a technical, medical, media and administrative device, as well as the Sports Authority and the Saudi Federation. Each of them has a special place, and this solidarity and solidarity is to contribute to the execution of this continental shelf. Mòr.

The World Youth Cup will be held in May the following year in Poland, six months later. When are the real arrangements for this World Runner to start? Do you have a clear plan before World Cup?

Indeed, the beginning of the World Cup edition for young people was just after the Australian face, and since it was announced that there was a green age qualification for its 2019m, but the program will certainly be different from programs that previously done; because the next stage needs a strong, friendly and exciting games, and we will now begin to gradually monitor We continue the players that play; first team with their clubs and this two month period, and then they will start on the inside camp in two stages and then move over two months from the camp for the outside camp to the beginning competition, with God willing.

The most important issue of the global event. When is it possible for the youth team to break sixteen obstacles and advanced roles of the competition?

We have a great ambition and when we met the councilor when we returned to gold from Asia, an increase in ambition was increased. The duty has become bigger and larger. I hope you keep my word for this after the next version and see what I say on the ground. Reladh, God is willing.

What is the lack of green youths to achieve the World Youth Cup, as did the youth team in 89?

We do not need anything, thank God, the opportunities available and have a good support of their body and their. Saudi Alliance, as well as its talents, Tawfiq Lord of the Worlds needs you, God is willing to fulfill that dream as was achieved for the youth team in 89, it's not impossible in football.

Asian Nations Cup for adults at the door. This title is also away from the Saudi football chests from the year 96 AD, over 22 years ago, are you counting on it? This generation to renew this great Asian glory?

It is not impossible, and as we have achieved the title three times and we have reached the last three hours in previous time, we are able, that God is willing, that title back to Saudi football, the Saudi team was strong and counties teams counted a thousand, and when this team was a day, the continental title again.

Question about the national team first … Today and over 10 years. The team still laments the climber … How do you comment on that?

Football has changed and is not now the same. It is true that we are not a stripper but the other solutions coach will be available through party or center players. As a young player, for example we played against Japan and Korea with a straightforward stripper. We are not team members of the Saudi team team, and although the campaigns are, the stripper will indeed benefit from any team or team.

We will talk about your position. When did you start playing football?

I started playing football in Taif City through Al-Hawari clubs and made me represent the Taif taffs before moving to the Eastern Division to work as a Arabic language teacher. I was able to play for Al-Thaqbah Club and because of her. Crossroads stop me completely on football.

How did you go on training doors and share your share in this area?

I do not know that Khalid al-Sayah, the head of a Al-Thaqbah club after his wound in Rabat, ask me during the time of potatoes to work as a coach assistant to take advantage of the tax period. I did what he saw, and then I got a training Al-Toqbah before moving to Qadisiya.

The last word … What do you say?

I thank Al-Youm newspaper for his support and support, and it's enough to honor us after we return to Asia from gold. We are pleased that we are proud to support the big paper.

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