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Today, advocates have to hear ear – a process where a burning candle is inserted into the ear – an application to be able to deal with many issues in life, and, including ear obstruction and even cancer.

But this approach is unsafe and unprotected, although there are submissions that the heat from the candle must have a spring drive and other non-confidentiality out of its & # 39; ear.

In this report, published by Medical News Today, author Jennifer Schausen gave debate on the use of ear earing, whether it is safe, and the bad effects; may be suffering.

What is the ear to bend?

The author said that a ear was bent – or something called a combustion candle in a cone shape with his / her; ear – the other medicine used by some to get rid of unhealthy and ink into the ear. The length of candles allowed in & # 39; This is 10 inches, and is weak and marked.

The person will output the head of his / her; candle after having to enter the ear, usually made of a wire device or a variety of materials that are usually paraffin and cuckoo.

When you use this use, the person is placed on the right or left, and then he will place candles into the ear. Typically, paper, foil or piece of plastic will be placed around its ears to prevent clues from being copied; damage the face, neck or hair if it comes from the ear.

Once the candles have been installed and protected, someone will keep the candles for 10-20 minutes.

The author confirmed that there was no scientific evidence in terms of any benefit to the ear, but string manufacturers are in use in the " process and doctors have to realize that there are many benefits from ear; bending. At the same time, some makers make sure that this use is cure and consumed; contribute to cure medicine, they have no real evidence.

Candle combushers, which praises the customs, say that the candles litte a & # 39; Creates a heat level to generate a source of induction that produces all non-confidentiality and tail connected to the audio channel. But these requests are unusual, and there is no current investigation or evidence to show that there is a ear; the decline of these benefits.

Although many people do not enjoy earwax, it is self-cleaning and a plug-in device; , and it is an antibacterial material that can be used to make it possible. including the sword canal. People who do not have enough earwax often suffer from & # 39; dehydration and their sense of feeling; thatched earrings. It is interesting to be aware that its earphones have a & # 39; removes tail from a window automatically and automatically moving through specific motions such as a & # 39; knocking and pulling.

Compared to this, embroidery combustion can be a collection inside the swing canal, and usually it can be done; If people often carry their fingers into ears, cause ear ear to be pushed deep into the canal. Anything that a person can be a ear – from the lumbar sheaves to his / her; newspaper – caused by more criteria with the audio channel.

Is it safe?

According to the Food and Drug Administration of the USA, ear ear is an unsafe way. The Department has warned of the effects of ear and the need to have a & # 39; Removal and associated material from early in 2010. There are many dangers related to ear, and there are no scientific benefits for this use.

In a study published in 2015, a 16-year-old child suffered from severe pain after hearing; bending to get rid of hedgerows, and his hearing began to gradually weaken. He would have to be given to the doctor, to put away a number of candles in the timber.

The US Drug Administration accepts the dangers; At the ear is huge. In this regard, she warned the makers and retailers who worked in a wax range assigned to the ear grinding process, and also took hold of sizes of related materials, and # 39 ; including the use of deaf process.

Love and outcomes

Large health authorities – such as the US Food Administration – have warned of the dangers of using wire in a & # 39; Ear process declined over many years.

Among the potential risks and the effects of an accident include:

Failure to face, neck, ear drum, middle ear, or earrings can lead to hot or ash cylinders that may burn.

Burning the timber.

Enter the ear with a living wire.

Swinging ear.

There is a disease in the secondary school.

Suffering from bad hearing for a short time.

Improving outer ear disease.

Damage to middle ear.

"These dangers will become more difficult if children can hear," she said. "Frequently they move during a visit, which causes a tight or curb creeping to disperse the area of ​​protection. In addition, there are smaller ears of ear at Children of adults, make them more likely to reduce ear levels.

By using a wrong ear instead of a & # 39; Using healthcare, people can empty hidden problems – or any other difficulties that need real medical translation – get worse.

The author stressed that it should be noted that ear and other cèilidh is not scientifically proven, so it is not safe. The FDA gave a warning to individuals who expressed them to miss earrings, especially because they may be dangerous for children and adults.

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