Today's quotation prices, "Swede" with 913 pounds per tonne


The price of the siege was set on the Sabbath, and its price was 913 per tonne, the average price of the ASEC 868 pounds per tonne, and the cement cement engine 883 per tonne, and build 860 pounds diameter per ton.

The average price of the Swiss spine is 913 not, and Tora Cement 898 not, Sinai Cement 868 not, Helwan Cement 895 not, and Suez Cement 890 not.

Prices of white artificial
Average white diamond price LE 2000, b & # 39; It is white white price LE 2000, Suez for LE 1980, and ROAL for 2000 per tonne. Oasis Geal for 2000 per tonne.

Prices of mixed artillery
The average price of a mixed diameter of 800 pounds per tonne, a palm diameter 800 not a ton, length & # 39; Oasis cement was a 800-ton toll.

Increased bleeding prices
The average price of a diamond resistant to 900 per ton, 900 tonnes per tonne in Assiut resistant, and Suez Suez's cement was 910 pounds per ton, and the antagonist was against Sweden 940 pounds per ton.

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