Tom Billington, a senior star of Stampede Wrestling, will die


Previously the former warden, Tom Billington – was known to fans such as Dynamite Kid, and a Canadian Stampede Wrestling tool maker – a & # 39; dies Wednesday in England, on the 60th birthday.

Half of the Bullldogs British tag team. him, and with his great cousin Davey Boy Smith, and the mascot, bulldog called Matilda.

Mac Mac a 'Ghobhainn's son, who is now in Davey Boy Smith Jr., called Billington, is an incentive.

"I was delighted and pleased to have seen Dynamite one last trip last June in the U.K.," he made a tweet. "Dynamite was definitely an inspiration for myself and others …"

Billington's death news stories were divided into social media, with current stars and old starvings that convey emotion.

"All mice who are under 200 bills may have to thank The Dynamite Kid," a tweeted Lance Storm.

"He had been encouraging so many people and helping him change the sport. In a circle it was amazing. The only T-shirt I had never bought the Breton shirt Bulldogs, which I gave to WrestleMania IV. #RIP. "


Billington was born in England first in 1975.

It was about five feet eight and about 228 pounds old, a & n; considered to be a little bit for a pro-wrestler, but there was a tall and technical style that was a bit; Enjoy fans.

He arrived in Calgary in 1978 to take part in the Stampede Wrestling, run by the famous Hart family.

From there, he spent a time working in Japan before going to the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) Championship – today as World Wrestling Entertainment, or WWE – when the Stampede Wrestling was purchased in 1984.

Billington was holding her. a two-hour team tagging belt in the Wrestling Stampede and once in the WWF.

He retired from falling in 1996.

Billington had spent years of taxation when he suffered severe injury, especially on his back, and lost his leg; He left about a year after he retired. It was sent to the last wheelchair and care was needed.

He also said he suffered a stroke in 2013.

Billington's purpose was not made public.

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