Tom Cruise bans Nicole Kidman from Connor’s Scientology wedding


Tom Cruise has been banned ex-wife Nicole Kidman from their 24-year-old wedding, has been reported.

Connor Cruise is a celebrity, and the Hollywood actor is not the nuptials.

RadarOnline: "Tom is behind this."

"Tom made the call and Connor followed."

The Sun "he says," he said, "the ground his father walks on this". t

And her girl, Isabella, now 26, together.

Tomorrow in 2001 t

The insider reportedly told Radar, "First, I would never want to see her."

Max Parker in 2015. T

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However, in the interview with Who magazine last year, Nicole suggested that she doesn't have a rift with Isabella

I have to protect all those relationships.

"They are able to make their own decisions."

Meanwhile, Connor's wife-to-be-joyful "- the challenge of the religion". T

That "Tomorrow" is his future daughter-in-law, and is pleased that his name will be down to a Scientologist.

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