Tom Cruise Forbids Nicole Kidman to take part in the wedding of her son


The date that Connor, one of Tom Cruise's children and Nicole Kidman, has been married is still not clear but he is determined to bring her with Silvia, with the Italian name.

The most recent ceremony in Scientology is the mother of Connor, and a life partner in Tom Criuise, actor Nicole Kidman. According to Radaronline, Tom Cruise banned his elderly wife from attending the event.

“What Tom is saying is the law. He decided that the old woman was not present at the service, and Connor immediately agreed., said store for the above magazine.

"The Church of Scientology does not welcome Nicole and Tom doesn't want to be there"he added the store to him.

In the future of Tom Cruise's clouds, he is excited about the fact that his son is marrying a member of the Scientology Church.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman talk about their divorce and death in 2001. It is said that Scientology is being hated and that they think the marriage has broken out. for this reason. Nicole Kidman did not invite her daughter's wedding to Tom Cruise, Isabella, when she married Max Parker in London in 2013. t
The American actor married Tom Cruise three times. Between 1987 and 1990, he was

with Mimi Rogers. Between 1990 and 2001 he founded a family of Nicole Kidman, whom he named two children: Iseabail and Connor. Later, he was married to the actress Katie Holmes, whose daughter, Suri.

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