Tommy Dreamer why he promises not to work for Stephanie McMahon


Tommy Dreamer was a recent guest Why He Completed Robbie E podcast A number of topics opened, including an ECW attack, the time saved by ECW starchers, a group of children from the breakdown that had been disrupted. threatening life, why he chose not to work with Stephanie McMahon, and why he left WWE.

The ECW Invasion:

WWE was talking to me. That weekend, I made two performances for Dusty Rhodes, for her Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling and then I went to Buffalo to make an ECW collection show that I did; run. It was on the Sabbath and on that plane when I came ashore in Buffalo, it was told that I would go to RAW and then I wanted to travel back to Atlanta and for all the time we were going to; Driving, Dusty was like, & # 39; going to WWE? & # 39; I was so, & Dude, I do not know. JR [Jim Ross] Calls on me, but I have not heard. This has been going on for a long time. "I got out of the Sabbath before I went there and said," Do you want Nicole? "Without the secretary and change my travel …. Like this, & Do not worry, we will go from Buffalo to Atlanta, Atlanta to La Guardia." I got out the night before . I agree that this is one of the best RAWs because we have done a great deal on the world. They never saw it coming. I loved it and I remember just before I was out, Rob Van Dam was a doing those little jumping stuff that he does and he's doing it; go, & dude, are you weird? & # 39; And I went, & # 39; no. & # 39; It was like, I'm not. "Then I'm going," Man, I'm going to; Louie Spicolli was very keen to live as he marked her and her. first one to call us. "Kane was in the margin ear! Go! & We got a regular conversation like this and we hit the ring, so I did that and then I worked next night. I did not even have a contract.

On The Importance Of Your Lord A & # 39; See Example:

My favorite part is my favorite, m & # 39; His father lost his vision and was an attempt at his eye. He had a glaucoma and was a student in his eye and had a 20/20 sight for his first time for three weeks and in those three weeks, when I applied for WWE and got his & # 39; see without glasses. Later on, he lost his sight on his left eye and only had a 10% (or vision) sight in his right eye. He caught his eyes and lost the vision completely, but really could see that – b & # 39; My father was the one I got in and preserved me through my work, I gave it to WrestleMania I – for me it was one of the best things in my life. I was Madison Square Garden with my friend and my audience brother and then buy home, and I'm one of my favorite items.

Air Jim Ross:

I always believe that he was the only leader; It was for Jim Ross not to lie down and said, "Do not worry." D & # 39; I left without a contract for about a month, which is a bit bad for me because God is to prevent me from hurt or anything, there was nothing else.

Saving the Breastfeeding:

If you want to hear a cool story that one does not know about myself, Bill DeMott and Stevie Richards have come back from the athlete and this school bus is going to go. Driving forever and the school bus is going off the road … a & # 39; knocking on the hill, and moving it with a few children … A school bus is offset; overshadowed by an electric polling poll. I, Stevie, and Bill DeMott will jump out and the bus will not turn back. The driver either had a stroke or a heart attack and the electric thing was to burn – not to any failure – Bill DeMott climbed all the way up and started to pull children from her; This bus is because the electric wires are going everywhere and we got everyone out of the bus. We were superheroes of real life … we saved children from being on the fire or taken out of the water.

Air Backstage Politics In WWE:

There was not much politics in ECW. The tournaments you receive in WWE hit the political games and, in fact, you want to succeed and why you want to succeed in money. Would I like to be a champion? Yeah, but it did not happen. There was a little bit of fish on the table. I thought I was going to; 2-3 pay per triple H made and did not do so. It was said that, at one time, the tag team camps were with Rob Van Dam and that was not the case; go out. It was not in the cards and you know why? Because there is a declining beauty and you're not as good as someone for you, so it's right. I do not have any regret for anything that I did and that is why I did not retire and I'll do it; Event on 206 was presented this year.

Raven's WWE room heat-immersion:

Will you meet Raven ever? Raven was back and he had a lot of heat. He himself and he would also want. He was not at one time, he could not speak in the WWE catchment room for two months. He had to go to a short court and he was once the time he went; He could talk when he could go over his games and if he could catch his / her; speak, convince his sentence, so he went a month, perhaps two months without going to # 39; speak. Funny bean His time comes to him, but he dug his own grave.

Whether he liked it & # 39; backpack works:

I do not think that many people do; I realized that I was 29 years old when ECW was out of business and I spent twenty years to ECW and now I'm three years old and they tell me they are I want to get a good job and work in the office. I was not happy with that situation, but my wife, heavy at that time, was heavy with our couple and there was no reduction in other places, so he took up work or you have a & # 39; unemployed. This is a cool thing about that and I learned a lot from the time I was in the office and I learned the politics. I learned a lot from Vince [McMahon] and I learned a lot from Iain Laurinaitis, almost how I play the game even though I do not; I enjoyed it, but I did that and helped me for the second running of the company. I found two sides out of every story because jerk valuers … usually got to # 39; Like it, & # 39; The office is against me. He is always in front of us, when he is not always on his / her; That case because nobody wants to watch in the mirror and saying, & # 39; That's probably that for me. Should I be a source? I should be a brave hero, "but then think about it, how could you be a heavy warrior when singing for another company called ECW? Or how Can you be a warrior when you wear a tee shirt and that the headteacher is like men? No one wants to say that. People just want to go. , I would have blamed others for the lack of holding. That's why I've done a lot of life to research and a lot of learning. I also found that WWE wanted me in the office just one day .

(Credit Transcription: Michael McClead, WrestleZone)

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