Tomorrow is about fraud and damage that was recorded to Thermana passengers


Celje – Investigators Bord Celje today gives information about the crime investigation that was recorded in the Thermana company in Toledo. The suspect is considered to have been injured by old shareholders for several million euros. Owners have passed over the past president of recent years Andrej Bošnjak and an old convener Natasa TomicSouth Westerly

Older shareholders, who had about 20% of Thermana sections, had hoped for four years to find out that the authorities found that shareholders are leaving without the asset on the basis of the controversial valuations and the valuation of the property value of the Laško company. The costs were submitted to the police a few years ago, together with all the documents confirmed as administered by the Bosnia-Herzegovina President then ensured that Thermana had been unsure , settled in a compulsory settlement after a substantial turnover into the general department of the company, which is recommended that the company's board of management became the owner of the company, the Bank for Bank Debt Management (DUTB).

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Non-offensive in Thermana and DUTB

Preventing Therman shareholders against legal objections

Celje crime analysts and representatives from the National Research Bureau carried out several house investigations last June, including in the Bosniaks case. Last year, Celje's Police Steering Group said they were suspicious that they were valued, changing the valuation and misuse of corporate law and violence installations, and damaging the shareholders of their company for all their donations or rights from their shares, both property and management, which are notably more than EUR 15 million «. The crimes that will expire in a good year tomorrow explain. For now, they are not reported but two have been deceived for fraud.

This is not the only crime issues in Thermana. One of them has already been denied with their claim, and one case remains in a pre-trial trial. In this case, it was said that it was a case to go to # 39; construction of a new thermal park, and the contractors who built the thermal park as well as the former director of the company Roman Matekmade this possible. Matek is also a constituent and, as the other divisions, attacked Thermano in the economic division of the Celje District Court. The economic debate is not yet and continues tomorrow.

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