Tony Leung class co-stars and Stars are all red. "Hong Kong's first beautiful person is" a & # 39; Going into the old age and the loss of his family property – Zhongshi News


Hong Kong Star Lin Junxian is 58 years old. After graduating from the 11th training class in TV in 1983, he became a writer. At age 22, he had a height of 185cm and looks beautiful. Along with the co-operators of Tony Leung and Stephen Chow, he was lively. So, she was named "her first beautiful person in Hong Kong". However, his lifetime was not smooth, and the students became film stars. However, he failed in business and lost his family.

It is known that Hong Kong's Hong Kong Training Training won many red stars. Among them, there are two pairs of videos, that is Tony Leung and Stephen Chow, and his only class today "Lin Junxian" is now the beauty of Hong Kong's flower. He plays "Swordsman" Not only did he co-operate with Chow Yun-fat to take the important role, but later co-operated with Dawn to "Men & s True Color ", so he went on to a great deal and became a leading student in Hong Kong. He told Liu Jialing that the fake drama was well done. There is co-operation, but also because they are really right, they will be asked to attend commercial events and exhibitions together, and both will also give rise to the "screen couple" rise, In private the true couple is, and Liu Jialing is very disgraceful by Lin Junxian beautiful. In the same year, the relationship between the two people was also wild. B & # 39; Lin Junxian, who was considered "Carina Lau's first love", but at her Eventually, the situation ended up badly.

Lin Junxian was a male god in the fiddle cycle for 13 years. However, in 1996, leaving the entertaining cycle, he chose to marry and do business, but he did not expect to put money in stock. At the end, he lost the family's possession and lost his family. Until 2014, Lin Junxian calmly returned, starred with Su Youpeng and Chen Qiaoen as the "Best Suspect", and also released a film and television company, just appearing on her & # 39 ; body and no longer, the body is well maintained. However, white hair is plentiful, 58 years old is like 70 years old, full of life scenes, but he said in the interview that he does not regret everything , very satisfied with his current life, but also very happy.

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