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The expanding network of modes with bitcoins, Lightning Network (LN) is true. Just over a year after its official launch, this second solution for Bitcoin scalability is becoming increasingly established. This is proof of increasing the notes and payment channels in the network, as well as the ability to move BTC.

The increase in network notes is a very important point. According to 1ML, the current network is delivering 6,335 public notes as a whole, this number is & # 39; including active and non-active notes, a figure that did not stop growing from birth and that has led to an important increase, and corresponds to the new offer of nodes of plug & play (connection and use), which makes it easier to use a device than it was so far.

And that is One of the most fragile elements of LN is the technical problem for using a machine, which included the need for the user to know and work certain unique lines.

Resolutions have been designed, such as the Pierre Rochard beginner nodes (which includes simple setup guidance for LN code). The breakdown of these devices is easy to be easy, transient and with friendly translation has been significantly enhanced in the increase of operating indicators in NN worldwide, which has shown a huge increase in the last few months.

Remember that a LN node is tracking the status of its & # 39; Bitcoin blockchain and interacting with other notes from the second timber network, to complete bitcoins pastimes through the payment channels. Each note in the network will monitor the number of BTCs in each pay channel that they have; entertaining.

It should be noted that the LN node operation could create a new business model to win satoshis, because operators cost a small commission for the stuff completed thanks to their note.

In particular work we showcase the key options of nodes plug & play for LN, so you can find out about the equipment itself and select the one that suits you, if you want to work one.

HODL House

(Pi Fun Fun 3B +)

Household House The first company created by such a team. Lastly remembered on September 4, 2018, Michael Borglin published (which is part of a Ramp and a House included) that this node was launched and which is easily resolved 2C409 & ssl = 1

Here's how a home note is to look. Well: HODL House.

The clear objective was: to create a technically non-technical way in which LN users could use, without affecting the privacy and personal control of the bitcoins connected to the device's channels. Home users do not need to know the note code programming code, Just connect it and follow instructions.

The node uses bundles for Bitcoin and LN, and is pre-arranged with the Bitcoin blockchain to activate the device quickly. Both users will complete and execute them; getting payments, and her interfaces allows you to easily open channels. When it was launched, only 100 units were offered to the public, although more sales have already been made. An amendment to the node was updated, with updates, the most recent, on January 14.


(Rockchip RK3328 Quad-Core)

"We have designed tools to help you achieve your financial freedom," he reads on his website. NODL is a commitment to the device box that is easy to use for new users to enter the LN network, which minimizes technical difficulties. as possible.


The Box, with smaller design and offers a LN note. Well: NODL.

In addition to the NODL created administrative interface, the Lightning Daemon node (lnd) option has its option, a user created by Lightning Labs. In addition, Bitcoin's Bitcoin client is converted to one click. It is also compatible with BTCPaySverver, the LN payment process, created by Nicolas Dorier.

In October 2018 its company created its & # 39; first list of orders beforehand, after it has been created Box Time 21 and to invest some extra money in BTC in the tests before these units were developed. The device permits lnd and Bitcoin Core to be set, as well as the option to enable Dorizer payment potential.

Lighthouse in Box

(Box: Gigabyte Brix GB-BXBT-1900 // BTCPi: Wildlife Pi 3 B +)

In August 2018, the people are responsible Lighthouse in Box They offered a solution to create a low cost Lightning machine. This model came to an end as a basis for its own origin, a box of lower design that may also be more color-changing.


Lightning in Box, node plug & play, At least one is a bit, more likely to hit the BTCPs. Well: lightning in a box.

So Lightning is in the Case and BTCPi at its company, two hard-to-use easy-to-use. The first one was designed in particular as a node (with Linux and Bitcoin Core), and the BTCPi was designed to bridge the commercial operation of the PRTB Watch, although it is also possible to & # 39; install lnd.

Other options

Although Lightning Farm Thunder finished its price level (and did not create new hardware), it is also a node project plug & play. As with previous ones, the objective is to reduce waste to users who are less familiar to start the note. Use Pi Pi Rasperry as a foundation.

Through Lightning in a Box you can also get Raspiblitz, a nodule for easy working LN, which is cheaper than the other items available on its website. It is a simpler team, but it is also at the same time and easy to install Bitcoin Core's ability.


This is how the original Raspblitz is like. Well: rootzoll.

The increase in the implementation of nodes is at the same time as a growing contribution of simple nodes for its use, as well as more and more full-direction – just a simple guide to the programming of those notes. What could have been affected by increasing active nodes.

The main objective is Help to absorb many of Bitcoin and LN, to be able to achieve that bitcoin, it will be easy to use money, with immediate and low cost transactions, of global access and non-governmental or banking.

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Update: The number of nodes that have linked to the Lightning Network has been adjusted.

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