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There is no obligation of a relationship of relationships on how people show their feelings. You may be able to be a good partner partner, but you may be sorry about how your love shows you your love (or not). It should be remembered that not everyone in their relationship is in romantic books and in films. People show different emotions, but there are some who do not know how to do it at all.

Here are 3 features of the pistol that you might say they are not affectionate. However, experts say it's not really true – they regard it in their own way, and they can also give them pleasure.


Jeans can be a great romance, they can say "I love you", but they really do not know what these words mean. Their love of love is reflected in their daily work, their punishment and their opinion on her; companion. Often they lie and unfortunately one of those symbolic signs is that they are. their partners often polluted. The couples are also very lively, so they rarely want children, weddings and customs. If a partner is ready to do "exercise" every day of the Games and allow them to be given full freedom, a co-competition with the agents of this zodiac signature is possible, but that is ; means the partner must always work for two. In addition, remember that Gemini's love is not to be; given.


Scorpions is cruel – unfortunately, also in a friendship with a beloved man. It takes them a long time to get in. Even when Scorpio has already married a beloved man, he will take a while for his sad to be "falling". Their character is for them that they can only understand on their own and not always … Scorpions can be emotional and also be able to; show real feelings, but this is only the case that never happens to a special person. To stay with this sign, the partner must be granted with great patience. Smiley wires are unfinished and endless scorpion – even when you have children. In one word, these people are not a gift of God and ordinary relationships, warm, love, associated with the zodiac's representative are able.


Are you surprised to see the sign on this list? In fact, the Cancer is not considered – they find a person who meets the & # 39; "love man" area. Yes, Crayfish is very romantic and interesting, but only at the beginning of its relationship. After a while, even more so after marriage, they come together from the partner, but just as much as they do not, laments general peace. You do not have to feel clear and feelings from them, but you do not expect too much diversity. The shepherds can take care of the nearby people, but they are not very happy with their companions. Cancer may be very calm and good, but remember that Cancer is a sign of water and it's a moon; in the planet that is responsible for & # 39; moon, it should be said that everything is not as good, smooth and flexible when it is alive. There are times when Cancer can be completely unused, uncertain, tolerant, and it's like a storm. A partner who has drawn a card in a competition with Cancer must remember to have Crayfish a & # 39; spending unexpected and unexpected things, everything needs to happen after a scheduled record.

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