Top night for taxi driver – Athens didn't race like the rest!


It will cost a little mistake for a taxi driver from Volos, who believed he was getting out of the law.

On his study of Neapolis, it was found that consumer support driver had picked up a client from Athens and moved them to Volos, thus moving outside his administrative boundaries.

According to local press reports and against his permission, the taxi took no one, but four passengers in total, including all parts of Athens instead of 45 euros, length & 39; the project was delivered to another operator and instead. amount of EUR 35.

According to, Traffic Dept. Volos, who has “arrested” the 58-year-old taxi driver, has already reported an administrative breaks, and the responsibility of the Inter- Bus Bus Service continued. He sent for a city center and sent a petition to the Office of the Advocate Volos for a multi-modal transport project.

It is worth noting that the law introduces “any vehicle driver who is carrying the carriage of a passenger carriage which is assigned to another organization or individual in accordance with the provisions of the Act '. provisions which are in force and the owner of the vehicle if he or she is another person, to be punished with at least 6 months' imprisonment and a minimum fine of EUR 3 000 ".

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