Topes de Gama raffle for the fifth anniversary of Gearbest


We have something new suck in the Topes de Gama. This continues to be collaborative working Gearbest, one of the sources we have and marks its fifth anniversary. The issue is therefore that everyone has an opportunity four prizes may cost it at no cost. We show what they are and how to get them.

We look at it international appealSo where you are, it is possible to take part in some of the choices that we have implemented. a & # 39; goods What we have achieved from Gearbest is the following: t

First prize

Glioptair Teclast F15

This computer is with a screen 15.6 inches with full HD quality and the operating system used by Windows 10. The Celeron N4100 Intel integrated processor is the frequency up to 2.4 GHz, and the 8 GB. Completed in metal, the F15 Teclast has a 6,000 mA battery, and its weight is only 1.8 kilos. The storage of 256 GB is on SSD (extra cards can be removed up to 128) gigas).

Laptop Teclast F15

Second prize

Drone Xioami Fimi X8 SE

This tool allows you to make recordings with 4K quality, and dominated by the use of three axes. The battery of 4,500 mAh includes a range of about 30 minutes, with a range of five kilometers. The design is very attractive and connects well with mobile phones.

Drone Xioami Fimi X8 SE

Third prize

Concrete series of LED lights

Goods containing several LED 3D lighting models come together to find different geometrical figures. Easy to use, because it is connected to the mobile phone, you can change the light color changed. Useful for decoration.

LED light module on the Gearbest position

Fourth prize

LED round night lamp

This lamp is very good for giving a different direction to the table it is on. The LED lights make sure that consumption is low and their choice both a strict and a color graduate. Good collection.

LED Accurate Accurate Gear Slab lamp

How to get involved in the raffle for the fifth anniversary of German

The first thing you should know is that your time needs to go from mime today until next April 4, 2019 (at Pension time 23:59). That is, you have a number of weeks to complete all the necessary steps. With the international draw, it will be in our social networks where the winners will be able to meet.

As usual, the steps are quite simple, because after this paragraph you will find out widget where there is a difference social activities. As you know more, you will have more opportunities to be one of your chosen ones, why you reason why you didn't want to end it:

We hope you have a fortune and that you will click on one of the four aspects you have chosen in this image to do in the Topes de Gama at the time the fifth anniversary of the Gearbest store. Join anywhere where you are, and get some of the prizes we entered.

The best device we have demonstrated in Topes de Gama

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