Toraidhean Pro Player & Overstatch & # 39; After a Tanned Disaster About her Skills


When "Ellie" came to him Overwatch Second Wind team back in December, it was an interesting recreation; though he had little knowledge of the player himself. Just going to "Ellie" it turned into a bad mind, and the mystery set a series of events and this made a huge attack from players and other fans; Her skills out – a question even though he never played it.

The second wind is a great respect in the team; Overwatch View of the League, and so adding to all new records to go to; an interest attack. Despite this, many of the posts mentioned on social sites such as Twitter and Reddit want to do it about sex – saying its low level was suspicious and that it was the only reason she allowed to play because she was women. Some had even gone so far as saying that she is not in any way that she is a woman if she is; play pro.

There were even other professional performers, with the Atlanta Reign Danien "Dafran" Francesca saying publicly he did not; think she was her play; but instead someone else can talk to her; son.

In conversation with the associated theories, many of them offered since it went to so much to maintain privacy about its name that it might have been a "smurf" account in the low level account as a way to keep that privacy under control.

Like most of the online harassment issues, It rises quickly and grows up for a reason. This moved to a degree to ask Ellie to stop it.

The second wind of Justin Hughes said "When we got into the team, people worked as we introduced as a symbol of power," Hughes write in a Twitter post. "I find that those people mean well, but on one side, people were investigating their legitimacy, giving up threats, etc. Although people who acted like the Messiah on the other. Between playing a player needing to stay up to a great expectation and to probe the Its own safety, it seems that OW community is not ready to just see a player as just a player. We wanted a player, but it seemed that the people wanted something else. "

Someone else was involved, such as Kate Mitchell at Washington Justice. "It's completely unsuitable for members of this community to be bullied, harassed or doxx for their genre," she said on TwitterThe "Post" shows why there are very few women in this sport. We need to be better not only for the women and girls who play This game is now, but for those who grow up look up to us. "

At this time, although playing should be just about the player and no other thing, the attack team is still very big in the male area. Although a woman's rabbit continues to & # 39; enter and display their skills, such cases just do & # 39; confirm that there is still great progress to do.

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