Torres del Paine: Governors will ask them to do so; Funds all year round


A series of contracts and a full agenda were implemented Agricultural Commission, in the journey frameto the Cerro Castillo Citizenship and a session in a field that was developed in the & # 39; Torres del Paine National Park.

Some of the contracts that have been approved must applyTo ask the Government to submit annual budget for the Park, until I can work throughout the year and a review of legal provisions that allow adequate control of the number of predatory wildlife.

This was named by Senator Carmen Gloria Aravena, the president of the organization, who valued the work that was developed and that they would keep a special day to listen to certificates and exhibitions on these issues.

"We were in Cerro Castillo with the host and the advisers who gave it Problems that have arisen by the increase in the number of gadgets, pums and wild dogs which created a loss of almost 8% of the cattle in the area, "said the parliament.

He also said that they also heard "specialist staff" comments from Conaf regarding fire safety measures; of Sag, the Seremi of regional Agriculture, and explored topics related to tourism and infrastructure ".

In the meantime, the Senator Álvaro Elizalde, a member of the example valued the certificates received and the trip "where we met the challenges facing the park that are important economic activity, with an income of over 5 billion pesos. "He also said," we talk about the project that is going on. created National Forest Service with whom we are very knowledgeable. "

At the same time, the the grandfather Juan Castro, at the same time as its peers, in the sense that "we could prove the needs of the area and the area reasonable requests both from the tourism sector and the seaman"The last one said" they want to preserve their economic activity damage caused by wildlife. They also indicate that Silein's puma position deserves more scientific studies "because some of the symbols that seem like some cows are encouraged", this is not the last common in a & # 39; species if there is a shortage of eating its habitat or it is about women who teach their young for hunting.

Also, the Seanad Carlos Bianchi, highlighting the importance of this presence Agricultural Commission in an area that is fundamental to product development and tourism in Magallanes. "We have had an interesting meeting and we are going to work with the community for the problems that have been raised," as we want to contribute to effective management ".

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