Totalcar – Iris – This is how Dodge Challenger Demon breaks himself


It is said that it is not unusual for a Demon to be different, although it is not clear that this would be due to a design failure. A possible explanation has already emerged, from a company that is involved in the Devil's design at the moment of acceleration races, by producing an asphalt, strengthen tightening.

According to the Mass Draw, it is possible if a slower road surface with a Demon has been made several times on a slower road surface, the worries may be – as the wheels can be; descendants and then hitting – a & # 39; weaken the different. This may continue to break the section when a larger start, but continuously on the elevation surface.

In addition, there may be reasons why many users are not satisfied with their performance at 840 horses. The power of a 6.2-liqueur Hemi engine with an easy combustion seems to increase to increase over 1,000 horses, and the difference can be larger than the factory engineers.

Dodge has not yet commented on the case, but with only five cars being similar to the event where the photograph was taken, and the wonder has already happened , it will be clear that they need to deal with the & # 39; case.

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