Tour of the warrior to prisoner President Carlos Ghosn Nissan


Wednesday, 21 November 1818 16:12 PM (GMT + 7)

President Nissan Motors is re-appointed as a member of staff on his / her. factory …

Chairman of Nissan Motors, Chairman of Ghosn, was arrested by the Tokyo Area Attorney Office for filing a filing income up to 5 billion years ($ 44 million).

Despite the scandal in the Japanese financial scanner, Carlos Ghosn is always respecting world car drivers in relation to the power of management, people working and making decisions. An uncertain way to bring three car companies into the breakdown back to their real market.

Tour from the warrior to ... into the Nissan prison - 1 president

Carlos Ghosn is a great success, as head of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi cars


Carlos Ghosn, a leader of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi car group, is a large and powerful company with a total of 122 plants. demand, 470,000 employees and sales of 10.6 million cars last year.

As the so-called "Le Cost Killer", the Frenchman called "cost killer", Carlos Ghosn became a member of the Michelin famous producer. With his / her ability to know, he was quickly promoted and earned a reputation for his / her. doing business in North America.

From this pedal, Renault published it in 1996, working with the Director then Louis Schweitzer. Here, it became astonished to be able to win Renault and work effectively after a long business decline.

Three years later Renault was given Renault to do the same thing with Renault, which meant rebuilding his & her; business and profit profit in three years but it was only one year to do it. this work.

This accomplishment was a hero in the eyes of the Japanese people and was built into a famous Japanese business manga character that would always wake up before work and only 6 hours to sleep. South Westerly

"A manager must have 100% responsibility and responsibility. I have never broken this rule because of pressure and any obstacle," he said about his working principle.

Renovating the Renault and Nissan industry, he also left a reputation of cold heart as was rejected by thousands of employees of each company. Recently, he also reformed the Mitsubishi business, after receiving Nissan's 34% stake in Mitsubishi.

Guilty scandal

But it is now in trouble trying to account for income and its; commissioned to state officials as long as he is present as president of Nissan.

Nisbean Nissan said that Carlos Ghosn was open when a non-victim was charged with a misconduct. In fact, this is not the first time he has been struggling to win.

As a leader of the self-transportation tools, he received large amounts from different sources, especially the highest foreign payout in Japan.

Last year, the report allegations said that the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance was a " Building a bonus plan for executives through a UK based company.

In 2018, the French state owned a 15 per cent stake in Renault, which allowed Mr Ghosn to reduce the 30 per cent reduction in the $ 8.3 million salary because it was "too horrible".

But whatever you need, people must admit that Mr Ghosn is suitable for each culture and has never had any problems at work.

Growing up in Brazil, they are the Liberals; Well, it seems that Power is able to identify cars when they are 5 at the age of five.

At sixteen, he moved to Beirut, the capital of Lebanon for learning in a conference. And as an adult, he studied in Paris and won two honors at the university, including a renowned Polytechnique. He is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French and English.

"I will not take homework. Weekend for children and families. And when I went back to work on a Monday morning with new ideas thanking energy from my family," he said to Fortune (France).

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