Tourism in fear: Deltasegler's faithful to forget even


The US tourism, Chris Gursky, may never have forgotten this time over Lake Thun: he would have to do it; to live for more than two minutes. The confidential company can not explain the mistake of a common grazings.

Snow once over Interlaken BE. It's a dream that the American American Gursky wants to achieve on his first day of holidays in mid-October.

Along with a tandem pilot, you will go on a hill in the best weather. The perfect conditions are. Sky clear blue, sun. Short training, Chris is very important. The two men start to & # 39; run. What Gursky is still familiar: he's not sure!

He thought it was

As the skipper rises in the air, the car manager suddenly sank. "My body's weight fell down suddenly, I needed to fight for my life," said Gursky. He looked down and thought, "That's it."

With both arms he goes into the pilot, who is secure in the person. The delta sailor is higher and higher. It goes over meat and trees. Gursky knows: when he goes away, he falls into the depth.

Then, he loses it to the right. The pilot took my hand. But as if it were in an action film, she traveled slowly and tried to keep her up. "Gursky's right hand is at his casket, his left hand against his metal bar.

Strongly laid down with a hand break

There are 2 minutes total and 14 seconds accept the airplane. Gursky can last longer. Then the pilot finally bought for large moorland. The approach begins to begin. When the delta sailor runs over the grass, he can not do more. Ami is going to fall to the ground.

US tourists need to be taken to hospital. The biceps is left alongside, the right is broken. It has worked on it. Titanium plate and seven screeches need to be resolved.

Will it go again

But the manager is still happy to stay. It will complete its & # 39; video of his trip on YouTube. And he writes: "The land was very tough, but I remained alive."

Even though Americans died almost, he would do it again. And it looks funny gallows: "I need to sail Delta again. I can not enjoy my first flying."

He was not distressed at his pilot. He made a mistake, but he did everything to save. "He kept me in the machine while he was flying with one hand." He also got the filed quickly converted.

«This can not happen»

The headteacher can not explain the carcasses of a sensible carriage company as a mistake. The pilot is well known, who would make these trips for years. He took an excuse for the event. Such a thing should not happen.

He has been operating a company in Interlaken for over 15 years. How can it come to the mistake of the backup, he can not say. The headteacher is on holiday at the moment, in two days he will return to Switzerland. He is pleased that Gursky will take the event light.

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