Tourist final: Ronnie Sullivan striking Judd Trump 10-9


Looking for 6-2 in the evening, 'Sullivan' took periodic clearances on his way to 8-8, but was forced to win the two heather after Trump again. Again.

B & # 39, the last game of the eye game is the most exciting aspect of all, Trump running into your fifty lead. before they lost red. 'Sullivan' would then press the blow, plucking it with its flash shot as it was red-haired, but regretted it because errors would appear in Trump's game.

After being given the chance to eat after eating the pink, Sullivan lost a red spot that was looking to provide the influence of Trump – only to make the one on the left. lost again, this time easy fever.

O Sullivan extracted the only member, a great pot, just to the right hand corner, and washed the colors that were left to make a big difference.

Trump returned to the table on Thursday night and needed four frames for success, and after taking out another they tried for 7-4.

But when he was pouring blue he went in at the other end of the table and O 'Sullivan got the most benefit, stopping his absence in time for the mid session.

Trump took a 45-minute frame when he started again before putting Sullivan back in period and then awarded the third framework in order to put the game forward. .

Trump had the opportunity and he should feel that he should have won, but the pressureless pressure which his enemy sent on at his execution arrived in Sullivan's final.

Evening session back

Judd Trump was in charge of the opening ceremony of the Coral Cup final with Ronnie O 'Sullivan ahead of 6-2 at halfway in Llandudno.

With Sullivan in the horror of the final visit of Stuart Bingham and Trump more when he was scratching Mark Williams 9-8, the Rocket were delighted to go on for another big final.

But despite that, two high-quality triumphs over Sullivan would have already won this season, for the Northern Ireland and the Masters final, enough reason for Trump and he did biggest show in two and a half hours that works for a global hero five times.

Sullivan had a chance to get a scrappy opening frame to be won but a few simple pots which were to be an issue in the evening, this was to be costly like Trump did. away with a quiet pace. of 54.

There were two hard prizes with this but O Sullivan came on a higher level with a run of 64 before Trump began to find his best, winning the third frame and then extending his lead to 3-1 when he was losing at 47 points. to a breaking of 68.

Trump went on to make a big difference to the resumption, earning it five, before O Sullivan finally gave out a fantastic shot of 100.

Sullivan was unable to introduce that movement into the final session of the session, however, other cups that were lost in middle class allowed a Trump to keep control of it. the cases after a breach of 52 and ensured that it receives 6-2 following on to the late session.

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