Tourists edit their favorite touring ships for 2018


Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean International, Seabourn and Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection were tied for the second place with three prizes each, and all were published on 5 December.

"In the prize classes, they were just a way to identify highly successful tourist destinations in a specific area," said Colleen McDaniel, an active editor of the Cruising Critic website. "And while the list continues to become a collection of the best marine experiences, it is very clear this year that the awards are noted to the wide range of travel experiences that offer travel opportunities.

"You can find a voyage directly for all your interests, something we have said – and we stood – for years, but it was never even more, with more choices chosen from the It's clear that moving options continue to improve and expand while new vessels have been installed to & # 39; going on to start. "

Vikings ruled the waterways

Tour Tradition editors select winners in three categories: whales, cruise walks (all on sea boats) and river tours.

Viking won three lucrative awards (the best vibrant ship for Viking Orion, the best spa, best value for money) and two seafront awards (best for the first time and rounds better).

It is not surprising that the Disney Cruise Line won for the best for families in the harbor, and Disney's Adventures with Disney received great honor for families in river tours.

The new Celebrity Edge

Celebrity – Celebrity Edge's brand name – is named "one of the most innovative vessels we've seen in years" by the Cruise Critic editor. There is a roof on the roof of the house, the arts theater, the deck and more. Celebrity Edge is a Celebrity also won this year's award for best eating food.

"Celebrity – Celebrity Edge's latest ship – introduces new boat recycling experience, innovative new grants and interesting and detailed information," said McDaniel.

"Uniworld is U's the most recent river line in a river, which includes a new route to rivers, which was designed especially by millennia in The Norse Harbor got a way to embrace a new life into the unwanted offers that they already enjoy – including new features and their achievements he is doing well on his most recent boat, Viking Orion. "

Harvest winners

Celebrity Edge won the best new hits for boats.

Celebrity Edge won the best hits for a boat.


The Best New Shipbuilder: Celebrity Edge

The best reform: Mariner of the Seas – Royal Caribbean International

Best for Adventure: Lindblad Expeditions

Best Cars: Cruise Princes

Best Food: Celtic Tours

Best Valentine: Royal Caribbean International

Best for families: Disney Cruise Line

Best guides: Games Princess & Princess

Best Nightlife: Carnival Cruise Line

Best Service: Carnival Cruise Line

Best Shore Tours: Princess Cruises

The best for integrated traveler travel: The Norwegian Cruise Line

Best rooms: Royal Caribbean International

Best Value for Money: Holland America Line

The best home home in America: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Sea winners / happiness

The Seabourn Cruise line is the best travel rate for the cruise Criticists.

The Seabourn Cruise line is the best travel rate for the cruise Criticists.

From the Seabourn Cruise Web

Best Conversation Line: Seabourn Cruise Line

The best new vessel: Viking Orion

Best Reform: Money Spirit – Silversea Tour

Best for Adventure: Silversea Cruises

Best Cars: Regent Seven Seas Tour

Best taxes: Oceania walks

Best Enrichment: Crystal Cruises

Itineraries Best: Ponant

The Best for Romance: Windstar Collections

Best Service: Seabourn Cruise Line

Best Shore Tours: Cruachan Azamara Club

Best for single passengers: Seabourn Cruise Line

Best Spa: Scandinavian Ocean Tours

Best Value for Money: Scandinavian Ocean Tours

Wanders of river pier

Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection is the best line on the river river, according to Cruise Critic.

Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection is the best line on the river river, according to Cruise Critic.

From Uniworld

Line Best Cruise River: Uniworld Boutique Picnic Collection

The Best New Cruise Long: The A – U with Uniworld

The best reform: S.S. Beatrice – Uniworld Boutique Cruise River Cruise Collection

It is best for active hardware: AmaWaterways

Best Cars: Avalon Waterways

Best taxes: Crystal River Cruises

Best Enrichment: The American Ammunition Steamboat Company

Best for families: Adventures with Disney

The best way for first time staff: Cruises River Viking

Best Itineraries: Cruises River Viking

Best for solids: Crystal River Cruises

Best Service: Tauck River Cruising

Best Shore Tours: Seallaidh

The best way for Solo Traveling: American Cruise Lines

Best Value for Money: Waterway Fort

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