Tours are bad for the environment and are not safe


This year, it is expected that 27.2 million passengers will be expected on sea trips, up from 25.8 million in 2017. They enjoy trips, and & # 39; growing. According to Travel Agent Central, more than 20.5% continued from 2011 to 2016. And not just old people with an interest. A study from the International Online Cruise Line found that people aged 30 to 39 years old in demography with the highest growth in accommodation. From 2016 to 2018, this demographics contributed 20 per cent of other trips. But tours are still going to & # 39; make polarizing vacation.

Despite the regular sales of tickets and, in particular, a wider appeal, there is a humorous issue of people who are. Gentlemen say they never managed to record one, a & # 39; Describes their taste and insolvency to be transported from port to port on wet playground.

But there are more problems than catching it in a sportsman's home. Boats can also be dangerous, with high levels of sexual assault, often poisoning, and the chance to go to # 39; go across the table. And, indeed, the sea trips are terrible for the environment: the heavy depression of a fossil fuel is increasing. means that someone has had a seven-day tours to make the same number of shoots as they would be in 18 days on land. And they can damage the oceanic ocean ecosystems, due to practices such as being disagreeable with disabilities; sewage.

Regiments are tricked and heard

In his essay "A Thought Function I Will Never Do Again", first published by Harper in 1996, David Foster Wallace describes his travel experience as a "special mix of privacy and mystery which is marketed under its terms of verb & # 39; to pamper. ""

Throughout it, it fully remembers each event, person, and his / her. Feeling he has his seven-night voyage on the ship he says "na Nadir." He has his knowledge; It is at the heart of what causes disturbance to go to the sea; offer – tell you what you're going to do, what will host you, what will you do? Enjoy you, everyone in the name "happiness." Instead of creating serenity, the repetition of the actions can be quite rude, no matter how good it is; Do you want an unfinished lobster or a slot device device? There is also a group trip with feeling Wall-E-sus be peaceful.

Even interested parties have a trip to & # 39; understand how they restrict the tasks on board. Carolyn Smith Smith has been on 32 seabirds since 2002 and says that he is a prisoner of listeners to be led by others who know they hate travel. "While you have a holiday based on land, you can eat out for food and other events from your hotel or your trip, at sea on a cruise ship, not that option," She says. "I have friends that have never been your journeys for this purpose. I have heard ideas as I did not feel like I was a cowarding like cattle! & # 39; "

There is a crime going on trips

The harsh bravery of the sea trips is not the most powerful case against them. Ross Klein, a Canadian academic, investigates pollution on visiting body bodies and his / her; Record all the hardships that occur on and on board.

Although it is listed black from many visited lines to publish information from its reviews in its books and on its website, Klein says that his website has no agenda but telling the truth. Indeed, as he was a keen tourist, he does not get his site very bare. "My page is not polite, it's just information you can not find at the seabed website," he said.

Visit the site (Klein says that the name was chosen for people who traveled on troll), and Comic Sans chief says "Cruisejunkie dot com your resource for other information about tourism industry ". as "People Overboard, 1995 – 2018" and "Booted Boats, 1979 – 2013," which reads readers to records with huge numbers.

Since 2000, 322 people appear to be aboard or simply lost as long as they were. travel. Klein says that around 20 per cent of those on board are released.

On October 18, a crew member on Celebrity Reflections was on the sea, but no one was found until the next morning. In May, 50-year-old passengers of Paradise Paradise were missing. After watching for 55 hours, the Guard Guard calls to; research; the man has not yet been found. In January 2015, a Mexican newspaper reported that the Disney circular boat saved a passenger that had fallen aboard from the Royal Caribbean maritime. Royal Caribbean was not even aware of a passenger needed.

In 2011, aircrowers threw Costa Atlantica on board and found a face in the water, dead. Apparently, he was investigated for genetic assault at the time of his death, and was suspected of being killed himself. And there is a sexual problem in visiting vessels. On 30 September, 60 annually mentioned sexual assaults on tourism vessels, according to the Transport Department. NBC noted that the 2013 collection report found that young people were suffering by one third of the attacks.

Jim Walker, a lawyer of marine, commented on these statistics on his Cruise Law News site, which does not appear in writing; Most cases inspected. According to its site, one third of the 100 sufferers it has represented in the last 15 years was the worst. He writes that one of his users has been infected with serious drugs and opposed him to a sailor sailor. The worker was burned down but then re-employs the Princess Cruises. Walker helped a legal team within the Queen Cruises and told them they had escaped a rapist, and the man was burned again.

Tours break down local economies – and their own staff

Grandeur nan Cuantan is a Royal Caribbean vessel that has been in service since 1995. There are over 2,400 passengers.
Roger W / Flickr / Creative Commons

Klein is also the author of the book Pass to a boat, which describes how sea boats can be used; exploiting local economies. As well as working with the places they are going to do, many of the tours are going to & # 39; Investing in boundaries that only benefit from being their own economic interests.

According to Klein's book, the sea trips threaten barriers if they are; Try to build their taxes, which can be as little as $ 1 per person. In 2004, 12 members of the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Society threatened Antigua and Barbuda to boost because the tax nations built their homes. tunes to $ 2.50 per person. The danger was working, and the end of the tunes.

Another way that flows a huge profit by going to & # 39; investment in port boundaries. For example, in Belize, Royal Caribbean added £ 18 million to co-ownership of Fort Street Tourist Town. The person in the # 5 is $ 5; port, and $ 4 goes to Tourism Town, and # 39; means that the Royal Caribbean has spent its money in six to seven years.

When a ship travels for a couple of hours, tours of lines will be & # 39; Give travelers tips what they should do with the time before they return to the boat. Instead of offering very good suggestions, seagull lines will be able to make it easier. hiring a pay model to a special game where sellers on the island can be praised.

It is known that the team members have been extremely operative, which is, according to Klein, because there are no circuitry vessels to & # 39; see US labor laws. According to News Cruise News, members can not; Crew work 10 to 12 hours per day for up to 10 months of the year. "If you're a cleaner on Much of the Seas, there are 35 public bedrooms," he says. "You're doing about $ 560 per month and you may have someone, maybe not."

According to, a laundry server will make $ 700 a month, a cable steering wheel will have a & # 39; Between $ 650 and $ 1,150 per month, including councils, and kitchen cleansing can make up to $ 600 a month. Salaries for jobs that deal with clients are often responsible for redundancies. Only a $ 2 commitment can be given to crew members in house behaviors or food and drink, and often up to 95 per cent of their income. also notes that these numbers may change depending on where the member is; come.

By registering their companies in foreign countries, corporate revenue tax shipping lines can not only avoid reusing labor laws. Royal Caribbean is included in Liberia, where the minimum salary is between $ 4 and $ 6 per day, Carnival in Panama, where the minimum salary is between $ 1.22 and $ 2.36 per hour, and Norway in Bermuda, where the minimum salary level is currently not implemented in April 2019).

"Carnival will be $ 3 billion and will not pay a corporate income tax," said Klein. "Without a net profit of $ 3 billion. Why would they want some money to their staff and just £ 2.9 or $ 2.8 billion?"

The Klein website also compiles what each tourist line has to do with; cost of lobbying; From 1997 to 2015, Carnival has cost $ 4.7 million, Royal Caribbean has spent $ 10 million. Last year three lines made a trip of $ 23,500 along with the Alaskan grandfather who made sure they had a fee for a stop station in Alaska.

Tours impede human fuel and waste to the harbor

Black smoke rises from the Princess of the Sun, running the Prince Cruise's boat.
Jason Thein / Flickr / Creative Commons

Along with the moral impact of low salaries and high profits and how many ports have a lot; Benefiting from a seabed tourism, tour industry is a major adverse impact on the environment. These vessels are significantly related to cities; sailing, and many of them suffer as much contamination as one. In 2016, the Pacific Pacific stated that "the passenger's footprint is long as long as it sails three times than it would be ashore."

Traditionally, boats use diesel engines, gas turbines, or a combination of both. Diesel fuel is linked to pollution because it produces nitrogen oxid, which is linked to respiratory disease and lung cancer. The high sensitivity content is also harmful to the environment because sulphur, when mixed with water and air, creating sulfuric acid – is the main part of acid water. Water water can do deforestation, and & # 39; destroy the life of water, and the impurities of construction materials. But recently, the International Marine Society (IMO) published that all vessels need to be changed to cleaner fuel with a lower content content by 2020.

However, instead of paying for more expensive, but lesser fuel, such as loose natural gas, installation of "heating heat" systems, called scrubbers. Rubbish allows cleaning of a cheap fuel boat and meeting the IMO requirements, then eliminating the pollutants from the fuel free to the ocean.

This will justify the fact that a 3,000-person tourism vessel creates 210,000 gallons of sewage per week. All sewage sewage runs through what is known as a "sewage medicine," where strong and dispersed waste is split and injured, then the format will be stored and the vessel will be released into the ocean.

Apparently, it's just as clean water. But in 2016, $ 40 million boundaries were cut to her Princess Tour for her and her daughter, contaminated by a & # 39; 4,227 gallons of "oily rubbish" off the British coast. According to the Klein website, just in September, there were two tour routes that could "render unreliable handling split", or sewage flows that occur everywhere at home small.

The two most popular visit lines, Royal Caribbean and Carnival, were both score D from the Friends of the Earth's environmental advocacy agency, offers the score based on sewage treatment, air pollution reduction, water quality compliance and transparency.

There are also special trips in their conventions but also what things are useful to them – what else will be transported to it and from a perfect design destination in a vessel dedicated to being a & # 39; shake its residents? Cruise fans may just try to experience the dangers and effects of the cruise, Exactly, as Michael Ian Black did that he did in the New York Times in July.

It was the fi nals; He was "a monster," maybe we are all on holiday. In addition, planes are also bad to the environment (although not so bad), and people often go. But something wild is unnecessary about a voyage that makes both anxiety and attack. It all depends on how guilty you are doing. Feeling about ending a dagger buffet in the middle of her; sea.

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