Town councilors say: Forests of the Soviet Republic have broken the agreement on excavated excavations


Mayor Čahojová was responsible for a more responsive approach to Lesy SR. "The negotiations between the Ministry of Agriculture, the Czech Republic's Forests and the representatives of local authorities have been very difficult to find, it seems to have been auditing rapidly, the woods have started healthy trees, the destruction of healthy woodlands unsuitable and the mining must stop " He is aware.

Minerals have been running in & # 39; wood near Devínska Kobyla from October, but forests have begun to get involved in rare holiday towns. Representatives from three Bratislava towns say that Slovakia's forests are more than 100 rare and healthy 100-year-old forests over 100 years old over Karlovy Vary, on the tourist route in Devin's seat. "The woods have promised them to become more aware, but have not kept the promise. I'm sure Bratislava forests should be directly ruled by Woods & # 39 ; Town in Bratislava to go to the trees around the capital very alert, " Mayor Kolková said.

From the beginning of the year, the professional citizens and citizens have met foresters in a group meeting set up by the Ministry of Agriculture. So far, according to many, there is no system agreement. "In March, Minister Gabriela Matecna proposed that Forestry SR would suspend its mining and carry out an investigation to assess the current management system to change it until emphasis on woodland recreation " Heldes said. Accordingly, they also agree on the forestry's position and time to make mining so that they do not strive to recreation and nature conservation. "Woods agree for several months, but the State, SR, investment campaign does not respect the ministries' proposals from their own department," representatives from urban areas.

The forests of the Slovak Republic, the Ministry of Agriculture and the capital did not meet the questions. Lesy SR says in October that they are not planning to go to; making a huge and uncertain breach of woodlands on the land of Devin Kobyla Bratislava. There is also no problem with mining, PLA leader (Protected Territories) of the Little Carpathians, Peter Puchal. "According to our information, it is largely about installing timber and education mining, and the SR Woods say that they will deal with this carefully and carefully and using stronger ways of managing as a result of the important recreational work of woods in Devin Kobyle, " Puchala said.

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