Toyota makes high-resolution versions of the sedans that Many are popular, but it's hard, Camry and Avalon


Toyota produces rapid versions of performance of the Camry and Avalon sedans that are in fact; enjoy and swim in front of the demand for customers' demand for SUVs and recreation.

Japan's automated businessman hopes to release the new versions of Camry sedan and Avalon full-size – which is more well-known for pulling families or passengers – under the TRD Toyota brochure, who wants Toyota Racing Development, Toyota in a rescue shop. Toyota already offers TRD drives on some cars, trucks, and SUVs. For example, the TRD Pro trim is available on the selective size of Tacoma, Toyota, and there is a TRD Special Feature of the Toyota sports car 86.

But to try to & # 39; Keeping his inspirational eyes when users run to higher vehicles, Toyota is taking them to the road.

Toyota has made sporty cars throughout history, such as the Supra sports car that the company says they expect to return in 2020.

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Toyota was sure to comment very well on TRD sedan.

"The route is done just that," said Toyota Friday. The automaker said that Toyota's TRD engineers had improved the cars through extensive testing at facilities in Arizona, Texas and Japan. The cars come with V6 devices, auto-transferable and sports-tuned barriers. Larger brakes for power to stop better.

He also has a body appliance on his / her / her / her; including features such as a sword spoiler, and a back-up device that helps to remove the vehicle closer to the road and to get it off; improving speed and handling.

The two vehicles are available in the Fall 2019, its company said.

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