Toyota Ready to Send Vehicles to the Moon, This looks as it is – VIVA


VIVA – The Japanese Space Group or JAXA is asking for the owners of Toyota cars to carry out unmanned explorers vehicles ready to land in the Moon in 2029. This six-wheeled vehicle will work with power. T the sun and transport two astronauts.

Report from page Metro, Wednesday, March 13, 2019, the distance this vehicle can travel is over 10,000 kilometers. In all, the carriage is drawn on a plane. Then the self-regulatory vehicle then passes on to meet astronauts on the Earth's natural satellite.

Toyota Akio Toyoda's president said the car industry had been industry for supplying goods on the Earth and it was time to welcome the challenge of introducing goods t Earth level results.

“I think our business is always thinking about what role needs to be fulfilled. We now have the same aims, to explore the place. I am delighted because this project includes Toyota driving technology and environmental fuel technology, "he said.

The concept of a Toyota for Moon researchers

JAXA examines Toyota's concept. This vehicle has a size of 6 x 5.3 meters and has a height of 3.8 meters. The car is enough for two people, but in an emergency it can take four. This vehicle has been inspected since May 2018.

The moon presents a unique challenge for all vehicles. The graphics are one of the sixth water, and its surface is changing, there are crows, rocks and hills. Temperatures and temperatures are much harder than earth. (m)

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