Toyota Vios is new to Malaysia, its price is below Vietnam 102 million


After two months of distribution in Vietnam, the series of Toyota B series in the southeastern Asian Asia side has been reached by Malay customers through the Kuala Lumpur International Car Exhibition 2018.

Like Vietnam's market, this is an updated version of the Toyota Vios livelihoods currently being distributed by Toyota in south-east Asian markets. Compared to the old man, Toyota Vios has a strong athletic enthusiasm, and gives the user more opportunity.

Toyota New to Malaysia, low price Vietnam 102 million - picture 1

The Toyota Vios rise has been exhibited at the Kuala Lumpur International Car Exhibition 2018

Toyota Vios with the "Keen Lock" design language with light light is circulated horizontally with the side along with daytime running, larger fluid personality, strong berries on both sides of the car. Behind her car, the nobles are slower, larger in the background.

In the Malayis market, the new Toyota Vios has been distributed in three versions: the Vios 1.5, Vios 1.5E and Vios 1.5G. The usual layout shows a halogen port, 15-inch alloy wheels, seat seats, automotive seats, back parking sensors, an integrated CD player entertaining system, Bluetooth connection and 4 speakers.

New Toyota New to Malaysia, low priced Vietnam 102 million - picture 2

The only design, technology, engine conversion in Vietnam at the new Vios

The Vines 1.5E, in addition to normal features, including LED light, fog lights, automated windows, multi-functional dual control wheel drive and DVD-AVX integrated entertaining system . camera back. The 1.5-liter Vios are equipped with 16-inch alloy wheels, leather steering wheel, integrated wheelchair, 4.2 inch display, face and back parking sensors, and a 6-lecturer sound.

Like Vietnam's market, the three new Toyota Vios models that have been sold in Malaysia have been launched. a 1.5-liter four-wire engine division with a capacity of 107 horsepower at 6000 rpm, 140 Nm torque. 4,000 rpm together with 5-fast gear gear or CVT transcript. In addition, there are seven airbags, ABS brakes, EBD, VSC physical fitness support system at all three versions. A specific Vios 1.5E and Vios 1.5G have a blind warning system.

New Toyota New to Malaysia, low priced Vietnam 102 million - picture 3

There are three new Toyota Vios models sold in Malayis that share the same 1.5-liter four-wire engine

In the Malayis market, Toyota Vios has a new price at 77,200 – 87,300 rings, equivalent to 429 – 485 million. The new Vios is not different in design, engine, even better in terms of safety equipment but a lower price from 102 to 121 million VND compared to the Vietnam market.

Earlier, early August, the Vios were introduced into Toyota Vietnam with a price of 3 prices at 531-606 million. At the moment, Toyota Vios is the best car in Vietnam's market, in October 2018, Vios sold 2,477 vehicles.

Hoang Cuong

Picture: Paultan

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