Toyota will launch a new move service to handle Etios, Corolla or Hilux at any time


New business

The newly launched logo, System System, has a new system to have an extra vehicle when you need it. What is it?

Toyota stepped forward in Argentina by launching a new transfer service.

The logo gave a warning that the world is changing and that people's needs are different. In this context, the transport methods must change to a new application.

"In five years there will be new competitors to market," said Daniel Herrero, one of the banner. "That is why we want to change from being a car maker to a transfer services company. " the manager added.

The test began on how the new service works in the Olympic Games, which provides more than 1000 people with more than 300 vehicles. "Then we learned that many people do not buy a car, but that they want to use one when they need it, and that they find it in line with them, time: it can be a small module for its home, a larger one fitted for specific situations, or a luxurious man for high-quality events, "they explained from the brand.

In this context, a plan is to The company is converted from a device company to a company that sells mobile services. And inside This new ground that they investigate, where no one knows where the client is going to, will be. accepting the dedication of sending to & # 39; first step in Argentina.

How the idea came

It was a question; in the driving idea on her & # 39; Mobility Services project: Who does not need a vehicle at a specific time during the day? Not out of use or because they wanted to drive the car in a different situation, everyone needs it.

From the suggestion, he sent the project vehicles that are available for people's needs, with a broad recommendation, with a full set of models, including Lexus, available at any time, anywhere

The entire vehicle fleet is less than a year old, and is connected to a technological platform to translate when the client needs it.

To participate in this offer you need to download the app, tell where the car is removed and where it is returned. In addition, the time a car has to be clarified must be.

In the first phase, from November 29, it will be available in retailers; messenger in the Force Capital and in the City of Buenos Aires, until all purchasers have all movement stations to find or return by hand.

In January, it will be extended to Córdoba, Mendoza, Mar del Plata and Salta; and in the rest of 2019 the rest of the network will be added.

Another feature of the service is to be flexibility to be able to use the service in accordance with the terms of time, day, month, or medium and long term.

The service is available for people or for companies. In principle, for people, 120 vehicles will be available.

Prices start at $ 402 per hour / day for Etios entry level up to $ 3,331 per hour for a high level Lexus. Every day, in the expensive case, it reaches 10,000 pesos.

According to Gustavo Salinas, Head of Sales, he explained that "while always constantly moving, changing, and for companies, long-term transition services will continue to receive 2% of Company income to be 20%, "he said.

In the case of Toyota Mobility Services, it starts in different ways of the world. Kinto, Hui in Hawaii, Yuko in Ireland; and My route in Japan, different experiences, based on cars, multi-modal transport or rent.

These experiences are the basis for innovation in Argentina, where the Hilux was built since 1997, expanding the boundaries to Offer new transport services, where you can use other journeys in the use of vehicles, but those who do not handle it can be used.

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