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This document is set out in this document for informing users MundoMaritimo about our company's behavior on compiling personal data through our targets.

1 | Collection:

When you need MundoMaritimo services, personal information such as your name, address, address, etc. will be collected by email or form. Our site does not currently use cookies to record or collect information from the user, but, at any time and in accordance with the same option and without the need for authorization, they are used, & # 39; undertake to give the data the treatment and protection set out above.

What information was collected?

All information collected from users in MundoMaritimo aims to:

(1) Provide personal services, content and advertising to the user when you access through the MundoMaritimo website

(2) Explore inside the demographic data, interests and behaviors of our users. The information is used to give us an understanding of our users and provide a better service.

2. Use:

This data you provide freely and voluntarily, to provide better service, information and resources to our users. You have the right to accept delivery, and & # 39; Delivering the benefits of our website.

If you decide to give such data, we will allow you to maintain clear and consistent behavior, in line with our policy; Include below, which you know and what you are familiar with.

Our policy in relation to the data collected is as follows:

The responsibility for the truth of the data collected in this way is solely for the user.

3. Security:

We maintain an online database, which ensures that users have complete privacy regarding the data provided to MundoMaritimo.

On the other hand, a well-known provider of connection and hospitality services are properly checked, our "site" on their web answers, 365 days a year, seven days a week and twenty four, which is a & # 39; make sure that we have the lowest potential to "drop" on the web or "hackers" invitations that break our Portal.

4. Quality:

Without impartiality on the responsibilities that respond to the user, MundoMaritimo will; take care to collect, maintain, use or distribute personal information that is connected to users and visitors, and confirm that the data is correct, complete and appropriate to meet the Problems for those to be used.

5. Modification:

The user who provided personal information or information to MundoMaritimo can be modified, corrected or deleted, and e-mail [email protected], a & # 39; Identify name, address, address, phone, and explain what information you have delivered for change or deletion.

In any case, and as a security measure, MundoMaritimo will retain its & # 39; Confirmation of communication identity.

6. Disclosure and exchange:

MundoMaritimo, as a general rule, will not give any personal information to anyone moving, moving, selling or giving. MundoMaritimo may override, distribute or transfer the data collected to third parties to the following parties:

(1) If your user has a specific permission, your third party can use your personal information for direct marketing, telephone calls, email address, among others. The user and the option have the right to refuse to obtain this information from third parties.

(2) In the case of a "business business" case, a third party may use your personal data only to enable or complete the ability to complete or complete its business.

(3) That information required by law, court order or other legal procedure; it needs.

7. Use of information related to third parties:

If the agreement happens to be compatible, MundoMaritimo uses the user's information to communicate and inform you, by email, about:

(1) Changes to existing services or products, the appearance of new services or products, or others specified by the user.

(2) Information, offer or any type of marketing that MundoMaritimo can give to the user.

(3) Suggestions from the user about it, "Praise this news to a friend"

8. Services provided by third parties on site:

Eventually, MundoMaritimo can contract external companies' services, to deliver new services and products through this website. The information collected in your case with those companies will be governed by the user's consent of the same.

If you have any questions or questions about our privacy policy, please contact [email protected]

9. Related advertising

In terms of advertising services or promotional information, to show related services that may be interesting, we have links with other companies that allow us to advertise on our pages. These companies can request your information directly from you, and they are the sole responsibility of them to handle and handle them; handle this information.

Finally, MundoMaritimo does not guarantee privacy of the user's personal information, if it is; supply or dissemination of information in public phone addresses, news releases, publications, chatrooms, newsletters or so on. This information may be collected by third parties, with or without your permission. The user who displays this information is under his responsibility.

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