Trade debates FEBRUARY 2019. Shops open on 10 February (10/02/2019)? Commercial trading camp on Sunday in 2019 [10.02.2019]


Negotiated Sunday – February 2019. When will the stores be closed?

Regarding the new year, Sunday shops are not possible only once a month, except for the "holidays" months. Entrepreneurs do not hide their fear. In my opinion, a three-week trade blockage in a month could affect the Polish economy.

More on Sunday compared in 2019 – ideas of entrepreneurs>

The trade ban will also be scheduled on Saturday – trading rules need to be reviewed – trade unions say, and in response to changes made by some sales to staff, ; proposes to expand Sunday night to 31 hours. Representatives of the Polish Chamber of Commerce do not support the opinion.

Bahan trading every Saturday from 22 to 5 hours?
Although there are many more comments about customers dissatisfied, representatives from NSZZ Solidarność explain that Sunday's extension would be a abolish the gap in law on the ban on Sunday trading for workers.

Sunday night begins on Saturday at 22. End on Monday at 5 in the morning

A & # 39; 2018 the trading ban was not related to its & # 39; first and last Sunday. At the end, however, trading is suspended every Sunday. A & # 39; 2019 only one Sunday in a month is commercially (except for months of holidays).

The total ban on trading has already entered from 2020. Not only will be 7 Sundays each year when more traffic was bought: three before Christmas and last Sunday in January, April, June and August.

SECURITY SCHEME OF SUMMER 2018. Shopping is only open on Sundays!

Stores closed or open Sunday 10/02/2019?

On Sunday, 10 February 2019, Sunday is covered with a trade break

Sunday – February 2019

Trade negotiations 2019. The stores open on 3 February? Shops 3.02.2019 Banking and trading vaccine on Sunday in 2019

SHOPS DRAWING 10.02.2019?

On Sunday, 10/02/2019, there is a ban on trade. So, we do not shop in shops, Lidl, Biedronka, Tesco or other big shops. We can only do shops in local stores and in Żabka stores.


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  • MINUTE 24 – Sunday Trading


The main hypermarkets closed on Sunday are free from trade: Lidl, Biedronka, Tesco, Carrefour, Auchan, Kaufland and others.

The ban on trading on Sunday 2019. Exceptions are there!

Exceptions apply to Sunday's Sunday immunization rule. The Sejm praised a list of points where trading could take place on Sundays. These include shops at train stations and airports, as well as in bakery, restaurants and ice-cream shops. The prohibition does not apply, for example, to the agricultural exchange.

Online trading is also allowed. The principle should not be able to open their shop if the owner is standing behind his / her; counter.

The final option for a shop is also gas stations that are open 24 hours a day. On public days on shelves in gas stations often show more food. You can buy bread, sugar, drinks etc. It's worth checking.

Problems really can not be a problem. What is similar to the work of the inspectors?


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