Trademarks Square Enix Adventure Fantasy Adventure & Secret Of Mana in the USA


IMG Confidentiality Collection Of Mana

In January, the terms of Square Enix "HD-2D" and "HD2D" were marked in Europe. These terms were used by the developer and Japanese publisher to describe the graphic image that appeared in the exclusive exclusive Last year, David FamilySouth Westerly

Square Enix has recently ran here by launching two Mana Mana brands in Europe. It seems Final Fantasy Fairs and Mana Secret now designated as an exchange in North America on 5th February 2019.

As announced by Siliconera, Final Fantasy Adventure is a & # 39; Mana's first suite arrives in North America and hers. go with the name Seiken Densetsu: Final Fantasy Gaiden in Japan. The sequence, Seiken Densetsu 2 more familiar in North America and Europe as the classic Super Nintendo RPG, Secret of Mana.

Final Fantasy Adventure was finally distributed to PlayStation Vita and mobile devices such as a 3D remake called Adventures of ManaThe post-original version was also shown in the Seiken Densetsu collection for Switch, which was only for Japan. This collection included Seiken Densetsu 1 to 3. A 3D remake for Secret of Mana also came on several platforms such as PlayStation and PC PCs in the past. Siliconera recommends b & # 39; It is worth checking what might be possible Seiken Densetsu 3 future trade mark.

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