Traffic impact, three grandchildren who fall down the road, the driver is offset; Continue to death the death of a 15-year-old girl


On the afternoon of November 17, the district police of Can Giuoc, the Long area area have completed site inspection, certification, research to clarify the disaster; causing 3 casualties in the area.

First, about 7:15 pm on the same day, Tran Hong Tien (32, in Tien Giang province) had control of his / her bicycle motorcycle; Conduct CC: 63B7-253.19 carrying two children, including 1 male (12 years) and 1 women (15 years old) who were circulated on the road Number 826 from the west to his / her; town. HCM.

When you were traveling to the village of Vinh Phuoc, the Phuoc Ly committee, the Can Giuoc area, the Great Division of the Long, the crash happened with the truck that was in the toll. Conduct CC: 51C-646.02 with the driver (about 40 years)

Traffic impact, three grandchildren who fall down the road, the driver is offset; continue to return to & # 39; 15-year-old girl died car - Picture 1.

The scene of the disaster.

The accident caused both Tien and two little children to fall down the road and seriously injured. It is clear that the driver who has been seriously injured has been supporting the car for people who are ill-haired. suffering from death and running away from the place. Many of the people who saw the disagreement were disturbed by the truck driver's behavior.

At this time, a 15-year-old girl's body was in the middle of the road and the bike was badly damaged. Both ways to block the middle of the road should go through the muddy area.

A traffic problem began, three grandchildren down the road, and the driver continues to & # 39; returning to car. 15-year-old daughter died - Picture 2.

Explore the police about the scene.

Receiving reports, Can Giuoc area police were present at the time, Investigate the purpose as well as giving evidence from witnesses to & # 39; clarify the event.

Friends of relatives said, she is a grandmother of two children. The 15-year-old girl has died from staying home to help her family. On the same day, Ms Tien gave 2 small children from the Tien Giang land to her home. City to visit relatives and go to the cinema. When Ms. Tien was away, the accident happened.

Daytime on the same day, the design is ready to process.

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