TRAGEDIE in the world of film! The sad day for ALAIN DELON! Where the actress is made MADE


The famous actor, Alain Delon, argued that he is becoming increasingly discharged about his health problems. He also said he did not want to bury him quickly.

"There is a know where my funeral is, but I do not have any instructions. They will burst me as everyone, but it's not the same as what you mentioned," he mentioned the national messages to Charles Aznavour and Johnny Hallyday.

In addition, there may be an aspiration that Alain Delon seems to want to be buried with his animal companion and explain how this could be possible, a & # 39; write

"What do I know I will not leave my dog ​​only. If he dies before me, what do I hope, I will not give another. If I die before, I ask the vet to go together," said the actor.

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