Train to Christmas Town & # 39; A good striking 2 walkers in Nova Scotia


Two people were beaten by a Saturday night scene trainer in Massachusetts, officials said.

There were around 360 people aboard "The Train to Christmas Town," which was on the way from Ban Buzzards to Rochester at the time.

Coastal Scenic train businessman, who is 7:29 pm p.m. to report that two pedestrians were hit near 72 Aveot Ave., according to the Plymouth District Attorney's Office. Existing officers and paralegraphers were able to access them; confirming that the victims of a victim, a man and a woman, had died.

"The train was a spectacular passenger train at the time of impact," said the district advocate's office. "Passengers who rode on the train were not injured."

Mail & # 39; First person who responded to board the train, said the officers. The Cape Cod Central Railroad said that this was the ready-to-finish session of his / her. company for the Christmas theme tours, which begins on public service next week.


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