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Clean work continues at the time of the tranquil Canadian Railways Railway train just east of Achadh, BC, near the Alberta boundaries.

CP Rail says in a statement that there was no wound when 16 cars in the freight train went out on the Thursdays around 11:10 a.m. MST, about eight kilometers east of its community.

The company says it was a varied product; , which meant that it was a carrying a variety of factories, but there were no dangerous products.

The area's teams arrived on Thursday Thursday but there is no word about how long it will be before the eviction of the scene.

CP Rail states that it is taking away railway traffic.

The Transport Safety Board is to analyze the separation.


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Storms of rain, wind, snow and winter were erected for all right B.C. after a powerful system spread throughout the continent that leaves flood or snow roads in the & # 39; case.

In Vancouver Island, fertile floods cover flooding or high water tanks councilors for several water-water and water also provided water advice for all those who used the Glen Comox water system, a & # 39; including the residents of Courtenay and Comox.

The Regional District of Comox states that in a press release, extreme water is causing inconvenience causes in a backup pumping station to increase above the appropriate areas, and stimulate the need for the water sound give.

The Canadian environment says that a two-day storm crashed as much as 100 kilometers of water in Port Alberni and parts of the east of Vancouver Island, equivalent to a sufficient month of water, and more than 50 miles met on Thursday at Vancouver International Airport.

In the mountains, Avalanche Canada says heavy snow has made a "high" credit of slides on the southern coast and the Vancouver Island mountains, as well as most of B.C. south east and south east, means dangerous contracts are dangerous.

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FINAL 5:00 a.m.

Avalanche Canada gives warning to unwanted users to & # 39; stay away this weekend.

A severe storm was cracked on B.C. Thursday, creating food food risk. The main road 1 between Revelstoke and Golden was closed to most of the day for control of the & # 39; cover.

Grant Helgeson's silver-collar press spokeswoman suggests that natural avalanches are expected.

"Revelstoke is the very heart of the Columbia mountains, and … you see high (risk) at all promotional bands in this zone," he said.

Helgeson says the risk is difficult for those not mentioned.

It is expected that the rise rate will hit this weekend, but when people are more likely to get into trouble.

"As people look out on the door to the mountains this weekend, it will be very difficult," he said. "It's a big idea when we have the biggest events and how we die."

These reserves appear to be human recycling.

"It's going to take time to change the snow to snow and its new wind," says Helgeson. "This will be a difficult weekend for risk management across the continent."

External stakeholders need to "make decisions to a large extent of a collar, which add small bits, to enter shellfish if they have their skills and knowledge to doing so, and, indeed, feeling how the snow is carried under your scissors or rods, "said Helgeson.

For updates to settings, see this link.


The Trans-Canada road is now open to single single traffic to the west of Achan.

The road was closed due to a vehicle for several hours. Traffic is maintained if you are traveling to Alberta, it is & # 39; advise you delays.

Canada Environment has also raised all notices and councilors as 7 a.m. Friday morning.


The Trans-Canada road is closed on both sides due to a vehicle incident on the west side of Achadh.

The vehicle event that is not clarified between the western end of the Yoho National Park and Field Road for 26.0 km. Emergency teams are designed and assessment is ongoing.

Canada's Environment has raised the weather warnings for Pass Pass, but the warning for Highway 3 – Summit Paulson to Kootenay Pass – is still a hazardous winter situation.

The final payments of the strong Pacific system in the Pacific Ocean will move through Top Paulson to Pass Pass division. It is possible to expect a snow collection of 25 to 35 centimeters by middle; morning before snow comes.

By fastening snow quickly, travel is tough. Make arrangements for change quickly and reduce travel conditions. Severe snowfall may sometimes be slowly reduced.

The weather in the mountains can change dramatically and dangerous driving causes.


A trampoline park is apologized after refusing to enter the boy service dog in Langley.

His brother Danica Dutt gave Kai Chand to the Air Airport Park on Wednesday, but was removed because of his dog, Rosie. Kai, 11, has autism and Rosie has a registered service animal.

"I explained to her," Oh no, the dog going to sit with me in the area will wait, "said Dutt to the CTV News," and she says, "No, your dog is not on to allow. "

Dutt says that staff did not look at their paperwork, and they did not. offer credit, but not repay. "But how much credit is when the Kai service route is rejected?" posted on Facebook.

The Kai event took tears.

Her mother's mother came to raise her dog, so the day was not ruined, but Dutt said my heart was broken. "

"When he gets out of each other he hurts himself and he is shouting and shouting, and getting his dog can just take a step back and get some relief, "she explained.

"He was just willing to take them away and they would not take money back," said his mother.

Dog Dogs BC and Alberta group continue up with their & # 39; company.

"Wherever a public or a person is entitled to pay to enter, there is a public domain with explanation, and these dogs can enter that building , "explained Chief Executive William Thornton.

Kai's sister says she got an excuse from the company through social media, as well as a freelance bid for a year.

– with files from CTV Vancouver

You are lamenting, you'll be & # 39; lost.

Corparra FC Lottery says Thursday's date for a Lotto 649 bid, which won one million. age, to pass and no-one wants the prize.

The ticket was purchased in Victoria on 3 January 2018, and came to an end yesterday at 4:30 p.m., CTV News reports.

Over the past 10 years, $ 6.2 million is in order to find out; now, BCLC does not say.

– with files from the Vancouver Island CTV

Detailed details are expected on an alternative route that is possible around the Malahat Highway on Vancouver Island.

It is the most dangerous way, the only main road to the north of Victoria, which has been the result of many of the problems that are facing. travel the way when the road is closed.

The Transportation Ministry says that it works with stakeholders and intends to share more information in the CTV News "CTV News" reports.

Last year's death, Transport Minister Claire Trevena, gave guidance to staff to investigate the feasibility of a second route of access to the emergency route.

Last year's crashes closed the road for up to 11 hours at a time, leaving a ferry to Bay; Mill is the only option, but the ferry will quickly sell, and leaving thousands of drivers split.

– with files from the Vancouver Island CTV

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After being closed for a better part of the day due to extreme danger, Trans-Canada Highway has reopened between Revelstoke and Golden.

The road has been closed since early Thursday, before reopening just after 10 p.m.

But the snow is growing steadily in the area, although DriveBC is in a position; warning drivers to "use a real problem" and to delay and congest the long way.

It is expected to spend up to 25 centimeters of snow on the road during the night.


Although DriveBC had previously announced that Trans-Canada Highway would open between Revelstoke and Golden at 8 p.m., this revival is now pushed back to 10 p.m.

The road was closed for the best part of the day due to a significant increase in the area's risk, as hundreds of centimeters of snow are increasingly declining on the surface; mountain.

The snow is expected to fall during the night.


Good news for some drivers traveling on Highway 1 east of Golden.

Drive BC reports that a 17.4 km-slope pavement is cleared between the Golden Upper Road and the Beaverfoot Road, (2km east of Golden to 4km west of the Western Borders of Yoho National Park).


The Trans-Canada Highway Transway between Revelstoke and Golden, which the Transportation Ministry is offering, is a major threat.

It is expected that the road will be closed without closing up to 8 p.m.

A large winter storm has given more than 40 centimeters of snow to the department, with 20 to 30 more than expected amounts per day, and a 50 cm premit for Rogers Pass.

Cloth control is held in many areas to ensure safety once the new road is opened.

Highway 1 is also closed at Kicking Horse Canyon east of Golden due to the control of clothing, and the road will be opened again as soon as it is safe to do so, ministerial statements.

There is also a travel advisor in the eastern validity of Sicamous to Golden restricted prominence and heavy snow.

Elsewhere, Highway 3 will be closed at Pass Kootenay from 1 to 4 p.m. for the control of clothes. Find out from Nelson to Creston through Highway 3A and on the Kootenay Lake ferry.

It is also reported on a high level high risk on Highway 23, north of Dam Mica, and the route is closed.

There is also travel advice for Highway 93, from Radium Hot Springs to the boundaries of Alberta.


Passengers using mountain paths across the southern and south-eastern British Isles are over a challenging situation and are not well-known. proposes to travel in some areas such as large snowplaces of many paths.

The Canadian Environment has set out winter storm warnings for most of the routes to and from the inside, and including the Coquihalla Highway from Hope to Merritt where there is a snow of up to 35 centimeters possible on a Friday morning.

Drive BC, the department's travel travel information system, says that Highway 1 between Revelstoke and Golden has closed at least 8 p.m. for the control of clothes and no stops left.

The weather office also warns of a dangerous situation on the Squamish section to Whistler of the Sea to Sky, between 15 and 25 centimeters of snow in advance during the day.

Warning warnings will be posted for Metro Vancouver and many other parts of the southern coast, as long as the winds are going; reaches 70 km / km east of Vancouver and Sunshine Coast.

It is expected to reach as much as 100 miles of water for parts of Vancouver Island, and Canada's Environment and warns that there is a significant reduction in the risk of flooding or water coming together on roads, but says that the latest weather should be easier when the tide- weather to & # 39; goes past Thursday late.

– with files from Canada Press


Highway 1 is now open in both directions between Summit Pass Summit Road and Beaver Valley Road.

The Trans-Canada was closed twice for several hours on Thursday morning after a multi-carriage attack about a kilometer east of Rogers Pass.

Control work has been carried out across Trans-Canada between Townley St and Anderson Anderson for a distance of 141.4 km, from Revelstoke to 1km west of Golden. According to DriveBC, the work is going on and no stopping is available at this time.

END: 5:45 a.m.

The Trans-Canada road is closed on both sides just east of the Rogers Way.

DriveBC identifies a multi-motor ban between Rogers Pass Summit Rd and Beaver Valley Rd. The road is closed for 11.0 km, 1km east of the Summers Pass Summit to 12km west of the National Park of the Eastern Border Err.

The Canadian Environment has given warnings for many of the hill passes in the interior, including Highway Coquihalla – Hope to Merritt:

  • Highway 3 – Hope to Princeton on Allison Pass
  • Highway 3 – Mullach Paulson to Kootenay Pass
  • Trans-Canada Highway – Pass Eagle to Rogers Pass
  • Highwayheadhead – Tête Jaune Cache to the Borders of Alberta

Total Storm snow can accumulate up to 35 centimeters before Friday morning as intense steel stalls over southern British Columbia.

Today's calm time is how frozen is different from near Hope to the Coquihalla Summit depending on how severe the shelter is. This means that road conditions are challenging because snow and water are mixing to create slushy and slippery lanterns. The warm face should go through this evening, changing water / snow to water. There is the capacity for cold water in the next morning and early in the evening when the warm face opens up.

However, the rain will change to snow late this evening and this means there is more snow. Snow is easier to go on a Friday morning.

Consider trying to eliminate unnecessary travel to improve issues. Make arrangements for change quickly and reduce travel conditions.

The weather in the mountains can change dramatically and dangerous driving causes.

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January 3, 2019 / 8:35 f | Story:

A freight train in Canada on the Welsh Railway is on the east side of Achadh, near the boundaries of Alberta.

The 27-car train was away from the Thursday line at 11:10 a.m. MST.

CP Rail says no injuries and any public safety concerns have been made.

There was no direct information about what the car cars are carrying on.

CP Rail says work teams are posted to the derailment site.

The Transport Safety Board is auditing.

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January 3, 2019 / 5:35 pm | Story:

The risk of avalanche in the mountains on the South Coast, the Sea to Sky and in the Jasper National Park of Alberta is considered as large.

The warning from Avalanche Canada says that storms today and Friday will fall 60 to 100 centimeters of snow in those areas.

A group says that the snow, along with heavy rain or wind, will be leaving avalanches stormy tile in alpine and guided areas that go to Sky and its; South Coast.

The level of risk is expanded below the line in Jasper, and Avalanche Canada says that snow slides are taken to Wednesday both naturally and with teams on Columbia Icefields.

The high level means that those who have a " Using the backdrop to avoid all rivers and these great, natural or human avalanches are sure.

When heavy snow breaks the damage to mountain roads inside, Vancouver Island has a " dealing with floods and tiles.

Up to 100 millimeters are expected before the storm goes tonight.

Highway 18 closed at Glen Cowichan after a corridor, and is not expected to be fully opened until this night, CTV News reports.

Road fires also closed in Parksville and Port Renfrew areas, and Little Qualicum River jumped downstream to Qualicum Beach.

Water flow advice is in force for South East and outside Vancouver Island.

On the mainland, Metro Vancouver was expected to fall over 50 mm of afternoon water.

– with files from the Vancouver Island CTV

The Ministry of Transport teams have been working hard to control a large amount of falling day-to-day indoors, and they work well at night.

There will be a good chance to reach 90 centimeters of snow on sections of Highway 1 near Revelstoke and Golden before Friday.

Area Transport Manager Ron Sharp says the crews are ready and prepared for the storm hit at midnight.

"He gave a lot of demand that created a dangerous unsuitable risk overnight and so the roads were closed," he said.

Reduced control restriction systems allowed teams to burn down watercourses at night in the Three Glen Glens area.

Sharp said the storm has been hitting hard.

Environment Canada says that 40 centimeters fell overnight, with another 20 cm today and expecting another 30 cm.

"Our technologies are 24/7 and move through that place," said Sharp. "There are about 35 technologies across the area and in the Revelstoke area we have seven."

Avalanche Technicians have been active in monitoring weather projections and risk levels.

Then they built such a closure and they've been working all day, saying Sharp.

"It's not surprising," he said.

Sharp said they are waiting to build safety zones, and when they reach a point where they are inaccurate to be inaccurate; falling on their own, they block the road.

"When the conditions are correct, we will go and control and release them," he said.

On Thursdays, staff will be hitting the # 39; behave twice three times.

"Snow size is now just as indirect," said Sharp.

Hope to open Highway 1 by 8 p.m., which is based on the best measurement of weather strategy staff and avalanche technology experts.

"Our first priority is to ensure that people are safe and make sure people get home. First safety," he said.

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January 3, 2019 / 3:02 f | Story:

The police say a woman and her five-year-old baby has been discharged from hospital after a week after carbon monoxide poisoning.

There is a three-year-old child with a & n; staying in hospital in a sustainable situation and is expected to be released early next week.

Her wife and two unfaithful children were found in the car on December 26 in a rural area of ​​Abbotsford, B.C.

Inspectors found that a vehicle had a & # 39; resting against a defense rail when the driver pulled over the road.

Chief Executive of Craig Bird says in a statement that car poisoning with unlocked lock and unlocked locks is generally caused when cars are kept in a closed place.

He says that stems that are burned into the passenger department are the most common cause but the dangers of poisoning and suffering; recommend that your motorcycle send a certificate to check if you're thinking that; hiding.

The gas causes symptoms of flu that die to death.

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