"Trainer who just took"


Former football spokesman, Laércio Guerra, named by André Jardine, was a Monday trainer after 0-0 at Morumbi. Due to the fact that the Sao Paulo coach did not tell the athletes to cast the ball off while & # 39; One of the lion players went down on the wall, the manager did not; respecting a professional.

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"The interior that just passed over, I do not even know the name. Let me see it here. André Jardine. We played a player, the referee did not stop his game and the coach, who was the next day of the immigrant, saying to the players not to break his member, "said Laércio Guerra.

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The black-haired ad at its news conference with Milton Mendes just wanted to be unhappy with showing Jardine's behavior. Recalling that Sport was dependent on, among other results, the influence of São Paulo over Chapecoense in a & # 39; Last season, Laércio Guerra was even more aggressive.

"I think it's likely that Sao Paulo will benefit from this with this coach. We need to do our part."

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