Training focuses on the "King of the Lion"


The "Lion King" has been successful to date. The cartoon film from 1994 was close to $ 1 billion in the cinema (currently 9 billion SEK) and the music was announced for the world's biggest worldwide revenue show, with $ 6.2 billion (56 billion) only in ticket sales.

With the latest version of the new album that is similar to the film, it is expected that more expectations will be expected.

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The search was last abandoned A week, and grew 24 hours a second, one of the biggest features with 224.6 million scenes, reports
Recreation Week. The latest installation is to be & # 39; See more times when it's been watched; "Avengers: Infinity War", with 238 million scenes.

Jon Favreau's director knew already before the trailer dropped the news for classical film justice.

"It's about the knowledge they hope to give to the audience, and if you get astonished on the way they enjoy them more. But you have to stay up to Hope, so it's bigger than these amazing stories, "he said at last year's film festival.

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However, Favreau He received a warm warmth, through the unnamed version of the "Jungle Book", and as it was released in 2016 he also recorded a billions of dollars in the cinema.

The "Lion King" is being exhibited this summer, and in the actor's collection Beyoncé, Seth Rogen and Donald Glover have been named. According to registration, the new registration, which uses data animation similar to the new "Jungle Book", will not be just a recreation for the original film, but there will be new scenes.

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