Transfer of a telephone tramp from China to the fees that include iPhone, from China


The US president says that he is considering introducing additional taxes on mobile phones from China.

Donald Tramp is in an interview The Wall Street Journal He said that it was possible, that is, thinking about taxing mobile phones that were introduced from China. Ask if this was & # 39; means that a fee should be taken from an iPhone, as it is Tramp Determined, 10 or 25 percent, US president said: "Potential, capable. It depends on what tax it would be. I mean, I can make it 10 percent, it would be easy for people to carry it".

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The US president had also advised all those who feared that their phones could go up in the US, including Apple, what phones were planned in the United States , and who have been converted and introduced from China: "What I am advising everyone to build creative plants in the countryside and make their own tools here"Adds that all manufacturers still have multiple options so that they can not make extra taxes on their content from China.

Economic experts want not only iPhone phones, but also other models that are introduced from China, with the United States in their name. "War of trade" led to climate change in the State economy. The same is the situation to re-instate factories to make phones from China to the US – the increase in production due to labor and other factors would be the same; affecting the US economy again in the same way as this tax.

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