Transfer Rumors that may come true in January


A window is moving the January almost. It's a feeling like it was yesterday when the window was closed, but clubs now work to make a window; winter use. We express their ability; in the 5 facts that are in fact;

# 5 Ousmane Dembele to Liverpool

Barcelona onwards Ousmane Dembele

The role of Ousmane Dembele seems to have been attacking after coming to Barcelona, ​​which is very funny as a move to Champ Nou was a high degree of career.

Dembele is currently struggling to change in Catalonia and maybe it will be sold only for its & Most of the £ 100 million Barca spent on him.

This is where Liverpool is coming in because Jurgen Klopp is ignorant of France. However, it does not appear that Barca would leave it in January.

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# 4 Christian Pulisic to Chelsea

The international US has been tied to move to the Premier League for a while now, with Chelsea thrown as beginners for its signage.

The player himself liked that he wants to play in the Premier League somewhere down the line. With Dortmund selling his best talent, it's likely that Pulisic will have a chance; leave something.

However, Dortmund was not usually the window of January than the best stars.

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# 3 Eric Bailly to Arsenal

Eric Bailly

Manchester United fans were pleased with the launch of Eric Bailly in his first season at the Old Trafford. For some, it was refurbished by Nemanja Vidic; there.

However, it seems that the depression had been in existence since the Ivorian had not been able to well-represented since then.

It has been linked to moving to Arsenal in the winter because Mourinho is looking to defend a complete reform.

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# 2 Mario Hermoso to Real Madrid

The huge protection of Madrid is in something of a circle right now. Not only is Sergio Ramos getting older, but Raphael Varane also has a & # 39; look tired and not so good.

What's bigger, Ramos is the only key defender that is right now because Nacho, Varane and Vallejo are currently going back from their own injuries.

As a result, it is said that the Galacticos want to return their Mario Hermoso graduator and that they could do so by paying € 7.5 million just.

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# 1 Toby Alderweireld to Manchester United

Manchester United is required for well-protected defenders. After all, Jose Mourinho tried to give the best at least one quality back center for the team.

He failed, however, in the summer and may have tried a fortune again in January. Recently, the Portuguese saw the Belgian game against Icelandic.

Reports said he was watching Toby Alderweireld. It's likely that United will sign up in a winter window and & # 39; It may be successful this time.

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